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Sigh So Much To Do !

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Entry posted


Yes my first blog entry and maybe my last.

I hope people wil start blogs too but more about their building progress of their DIY projects.

Create a blog by going to "my settings" for now you can create unlimited blogs so you can tell about multiple projects you are building.

Would be nice if every project you build has 1 blog. Esy to track and pherhaps usefull for us to follow and learn from it.

Please keep the blog DIY related as i do not think people are waiting for stories about your personal life (could be fun though but rather not)

Many are hopfully comfortable with the new forum.

Most moderators are assigned (still a few left) so if you see a broken link or something fishy that was not converted the way it should please click on the report to moderator link or send me a message.

The gallery is online and blog as you can see too :) Not sure if you can see the pages link but this is going to be the most promising part and anoying one too. I need your help with it as this is going to be a manual / wiki database.

This means we have to migrate everything and it has to be done manually. However i expect this to be a long project. No rush for it.

Anyay enough now time to fix additional quirks. :pirate:


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