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Hi everyone!

It's my first entry on my first blog!

I'm "working" in midibox for about 10years now. I found ucapps.de website when I was looking for a way to build a midicontroller (I have tried before, using some 80C51, or thinking about other crappy design). I was a student at time and I was dreaming about building a custom midicontroller, at low cost (student = no money!!).

Through the first years, I managed to find cheap parts for building such controller, but I waste so much energy in finding those, that I almost gave up on building the unit. I also work on other DIY projects at the same time (if you look in the forum, you will find a thread about EMU10K1 hacking, or how to add inputs to a SBlive. This turned into a DIY ADAT interface. But that's another story ;)).

Anyway, since a few month now, I'm trying to get back on midibox stuff, and finish it! Things have changed a lot since I started. It was a PIC16f877 core back in 2002, then PIC18F452, and now we've got 32bit ARM!! Also, we can now find a lot of sexy components, encoder, switch with caps, nice LCD for very little money.

I will be using this blog to show how I build my midibox LC, and mostly how I resolved issues. As I first tried to bring the motorfader back to life, I noticed 2 main issues (one about the dust protection preventing them from working correctly, and another about differences in position for the same value). If someone, someday, had the same trouble, I hope this blog can help him!

P.S. : Please forgive me for my bad english. I'm french, and so, sometimes, I can make mistakes :)




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