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808Micro - Getting Started




I've been a huge fan of the MB808 project however, I'm broke in the "I'm married", "whats mine is her's" sort of way :D. As such, my projects are typically small, hacked and require parts I had on hand from before I got married. With the exception of my MB6582. So here I am embarking on my 808 with just overstock and samples.

The original MB-808 is far more project than I had in mind. I have a drum machine with all the kits I want, I just need to trigger it. I also want something small and portable to carry around at work while I'm waiting for things to happen. That's where this project begins.

Planning the input section

I usually start my MIDIBox projects with an idea of what I need to input and output. Using the schematics and some digging in code, I created a DIN map of all my switches and encoders, their original position on the DIN chain, shift register and pin number.

I then modified the DIN map to create the most optimal layout in terms of shift register count. This list might not be perfect but it's my best guess. Below is a table of my DIN map. This will drive the creation of the base board and connections.

808 hardware config.pdf

Opening the kimono

In the spirit of open source I will be sharing everything except the base schematics. This includes the libraries I created to match the PDFs TK has created. I actually like his layouts better for most schematics with some minor exceptions. I used these to help plan the layout of the protoboards and the base including encoder distances based on the knob sizes.

This is not my complete Midibox library. I have more parts but its embarrassingly unorganized so here are my most used parts in a library. Among my favorites, are the 40x2 LCD display with the characters to guide placement and the "Waldorf" knobs (which I'm surprised nobody created). I also threw in a Lumex 4 digit 7 segment display (not verified, but close enough).

blogentry-4340-088244500 1296261995_thum




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