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  1. LPC 17xx based USB MIDI Interface for Android, iOS

    Libmapper looks pretty interesting, we will definitely investigate that.
  2. LPC 17xx based USB MIDI Interface for Android, iOS

    A few questions: I am not that familiar with OSC, though I know there are a bunch of programs that use it. Could you name a feature you would use OSC for that you *couldn't* use MIDI for? So are you saying you'd like to be able to map the USB device to the OSC protocol as well? It doesn't seem like mapping MIDI to Osc would be that useful since most everything supports MIDI already, I may be wrong about this.
  3. My company develops mobile accessories. Having built an early MIDIBox back in 2001, I've watched the project evolve over the years. We have been considering doing an open source MIDI project targeting mobile for some time. Working with the MB community on a future endeavor makes a lot of sense. Below I have outlined a very rough concept of an open-source MIDI interface. It comes in two flavors with iOS support and without iOS support. They are both identical except the latter would support the Apple iDevices. The controller would be sold as a completely assembled product that is ready to use. A MIDI swiss-army knife MIDI I/O (# TBD) MIDI Over USB (PC, Android, iOS) DIN Sync CV/Trigger I/O (# TBD) USB Input Device In - Map a USB device to MIDI, and use it as a controller, w/out being connected to a computer MIDI transformation and filtering - Generate chords, octaves, arpeggios Concept There is much to be explored on the software side of MIDI controllers. We would like to provide users an intuitive way to build up midi controllers from off the shelf USB components like computer keyboards, touch pads, and joysticks. Adding filtering and transformation allows for some very cool possibilities. Benefit to the community [*] It isn't possible for individuals to develop iOS accessories and it can take months for a company to become MFiapproved. A MBHP based interface would provide a path for hobbyists to build upon. [*] A way to build your own controller without needing to program or solder [*] Open source Apps for android, iOS, PC - We will be open sourcing all software *Apple Licensing In order for a device to work with iPhone, iPad or iPod, it requires an Authentication Coprocessor supplied by Apple. This is under NDA and the source can not be supplied. It is however, possible to provide the bits licensed from Apple in a static library without violating the terms of the agreement. This code is completely separate from the implementation and business logic of a MIDI interface. The firmware for the non-iOS version would be completely open-source as there are no such restrictions on PCs or Android devices.
  4. Where can I get one of these?

    Wow. I saw this thing at Siggraph a few years back. It's cool, but I can't imagine too many people would buy them!