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  1. NanoSwinSID + mb 6582

    Thanks for the answers guys :) Time to order some parts
  2. NanoSwinSID + mb 6582

    You can get one in the shop i linked in the first post, however it seems that the shop is down for maintanance? My german isn't very good :(
  3. NanoSwinSID + mb 6582

    Its not a huge problem there is no audio in for the feedback mod, however if there is no analogue filter in the SwinSID i wont be able to use the LFO and the filter sections? If thats true i guess i'll have to hunt down some old SID chips.
  4. NanoSwinSID + mb 6582

    I was thinking of starting a Midibox SID_v2 project, as i need to wait two months on the parts for my current midibox128 project. After research i found out that a good replacement for the original SIDs are the Nano SwinSIDs (http://retro-donald.de/sinchai-shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=90). However i wanted to recreate the mb_6582, the circuit boards for those are sold on SmashTV's website. I've read that these Nano SwinSIDs are the same size as an regular SID. Am i correct that these will fit perfectly then? Also i've read that for the MBHP_SID the polarised capacitators differ on which SID you use. I guess the Caps on the partlist in SmashTV's shop are the right ones?
  5. DIN & DOUT question

    Thanks, managed to solder the last of the boards today. And i'll guess ill see if i need the extra capacitor then.
  6. Pioneer Faders & Pots

    Hey everyone, does anyone know which faders and pot meters are used in the pioneer mixers? Because i can only find the official replacement parts which are about 60,- for a fader to 10 per pot. Anyone knows if you can find the original at mousers or someother place? Thanks, Dutch
  7. DIN & DOUT question

    Hey everyone, i recently purchased the DIN and DOUT boards from SmashTV after my horrible attempt of etching the boards myself. Now i encountered a few problems with it which i didn't find solutions for. The DIN module contains some sort of bridge over the resistors @ R1 to R4, R9 to R12, R17 to R20 and R25 to R28. Is there any part i'm missing that goes over those Resistors, or are the holes in the middle there to link some parts of the circuit to the resistors? Because in that case i should just use the outer two holes for the resistors i think? For the DOUT module i encountered the following problem. There is a 100uF polarised capicitator in the part lists, but they dont seem to have any place on the board? Is this correct or am i just blind? Many thanks, Dutch
  8. [B] MBHP_CORE_LPC17

    Ah you got them in stock now. Thanks!
  9. [B] MBHP_CORE_LPC17

    Unfortunately i missed the last bulk order of the MBHP_CORE_LPC17 boards. Does anyone have a spare left he wants to sell? If so please contact me through PM or in this thread.
  10. Midi VU Meter

    Sweet, thanks for the answer.
  11. Midi VU Meter

    Thanks for the response guys. I think i got it now. I've been thinking of a way to convert a midi signal to a Volt output to make the VU. But i guess you can just simply use the LEDS on your DOUX and code them to go on on Midi Note X with velocity X?
  12. Midi VU Meter

    Hey, this is my first post here (although i have been lurking for some time) and hopefully i placed it in the right section. So this is my problem: I'm planning to make a midibox64 and so far i understand how all the modules work and what they do. However in my design i want to make a VU Meter. (If you don't know what VU meter is, Click) So a VU meter basically measures the power (in Ampére?) coming in and lighting the leds up corresponding to the power coming in. However i want to make one that works on Midi inputs, because Traktor (software i'll be using) sends out a midi output with a certain velocity. Now i want to make a VU meter that works on those Midi outputs of traktor. So far i have thought of this: PC > Core > AOUX module > Leds #1: Would this work? #2: Would i need to create a VU Meter of the AOUX module or would i need to add the VU meter as a sort of module for the AOUX module (PC > Core > AOUX module > VU meter > Leds) #3: How would this limit me in making a midibox 64. According to this schematic i can have DOUX modules. A AOUX module would just replace a DOUX module? #4: Would i need to write my own code for this?