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  1. Hi,   I'm just checking how to go about this. The synthesizer I'm working on has an 8x7 active-high keyboard matrix. Actually, it's mostly a 8x6 matrix, however the top key (C) has its own data line. Lines KD1 to KD8 are select lines and lines B1 to B7 are data lines. As you can see in the image below.   I have a Core V3 and a bunch of DOUTX4 and DINX4 modules (I expect to only need one of each). Is any other hardware needed to complete this? To be clear, I want to add MIDI input to the synth to control it from a DAW. Can the core run off 5V and output 5V to the data lines?   Thanks
  2. Hi.   I wonder if either (or both) the Yamaha CS50 or SK20 synths could be midified. I'd only be looking for note on/off. I know the CS50 has a MIDI kit already, but that's very expensive and adds a bunch of features I wouldn't necessarily want.    Service manuals are here:   Thanks.
  3. Photo-Journal of a rather twisted MBSID build :)

    Yeah, there's always something new that I could add! I guess the best thing is all these things are sort of modular, so it's easy to add them later.
  4. Adding external filter - how do I do it?

    Cool, cheers. I think I'm gonna finish off my SID build first, and then look at the option of adding another filter.
  5. Photo-Journal of a rather twisted MBSID build :)

    Thanks a million for the reply, it helps a lot. The thing is, I haven't finished my MB SID build yet, so I think I might go ahead and finish it off and think about a filter later! At least it seems easy to integrate it into the synth at a later date, and I'll have room in my casing for it anyway. Out of curiosity, why did you decide to go with the SSM over the Steiner VCF? I'm looking at the Steiner myself as an option.
  6. Adding external filter - how do I do it?

    Cheers. I read that already and I don't really understand what it's telling me. I know that the AOUT will send CV to the filter. But I don't know how I would control the other parameters of the filter, for example the filter mode selection. Can that be controlled from the CS or would I need to add a rotary switch? For example, in this image of the filter I want to use: there seem to be CV controls for both res and resonance. Which is fine, I guess I can control those with the AOUT. What I also don't understand is how I'll atually connect up the filter to MB SID. On that filter there are inputs and outputs. How are they connected to the MB SID? As in, how is the signal routed to the filter and then back into the MB SID? Thanks for the reply. As I said I don't really understand how any of this is done...
  7. Hey, I'm thinking about adding a Steiner VCF to my stereo MB SID (this one) and I've been reading and searching but I don't really understand how to do it. So I gather I'll need an AOUT_lc module. But I have no idea how to go about connecting up the filter or how it's controlled. I'm building an all-in-one keyboard/synth so I'd like to have the filter inside the casing. Would I need to add separate controls for it, or could the filter/resonance/mode be controlled via the MB SID control surface? Also, I'm using the Optimized C64 PSU. I guess I'll need a new PSU. Any help with this would be very much appreciated.
  8. Photo-Journal of a rather twisted MBSID build :)

    This is looking very cool, and has actually inspired me to finish a similar design I'd set aside about a year go. I love the idea of a multimode SSM2044 filter. I'm giving some serious thought to adding one myself. I wonder if I could pick your brain over a few things: What PCB or layout/schematic are you using for the filter? How many SSM2044s would I need? I'm running a stereo sid setup, but I really only want mono output. How would I power the filter? I'm using the optimized power supply at the moment. Would I need to buy a Meanwell PSU (I wouldn't mind buying one anyway as housing the C64 PSU inside the keyboard casing will add a lot of extra weight)? Where did you buy yours? Are you using the filter as a replacement for the 8580 filter? Like, the 8580 filter is now not usable. Or is it selectable? If so, where are you controlling it from? Thanks a million. Karl.
  9. Tactile switch caps UK & Europe

    Nah, they're the same I think. Thanks, though. It doesn't matter anyway, I bought different ones from Not my preferred caps but they'll do the job!
  10. Hey, So I want to buy some specific parts (tact switch caps - E-Switch part no. 4J) and the only place I can seem to find them are Digikey and Mouser. I'm in Ireland and the postage is pretty crazy at €20. The items themselves will probably only come in at about €5. The only options I can see when I go through to checkout is UPS and Fedex. I'd prefer to use USPS. Does anyone in Europe have any experience of buying from either of these places and getting them to send the order via USPS? I know I'm a small fry to them and all but... Alternatively, does anyone know of any UK or Europe sellers that have the parts I want (a long shot, I know!) Cheers, Karl.
  11. Two MIDI inputs?

    That's the dude. He tends to rant and rave about some stuff, but most of his writing is gold. If you sub to him, you get about an email a day with his blog post in it. Honestly, about the best music analyst going imo. He's months ahead of the rest in predicting where the industry is going etc. He did a big thing on Louis CK when he did his last special (I hope you've heard of Louis CK!), all about doing it your own way while the established industry crumbles around you. Sure, have a read through some of his entries and see if you like it.
  12. Two MIDI inputs?

    Cool. Best of luck with it. I know it's tough doing everything yourself (I released a record a year ago), but it's the best way. You should subscribe to Bob Lefsetz's blog if you haven't already. A very clued in dude wrt the direction of music as a professional pursuit. He keeps me inspired anyway. Always cool to hear someone doing something a little out of the ordinary.
  13. Two MIDI inputs?

    BTW I'm really loving Chipsurf Pipeline. I dunno if you've looked into it, but good video game music is in pretty high demand. For the likes of Android-ware etc etc. A friend of mine did a masters in video game design and told me that it's one of the areas that there is a huge market for new talent. Obviously with more and more small companies popping up to take advantage of the handheld boom. I think your stuff is perfect for that. Look at Anamanaguchi. I know chiptune is a heavily congested scene, but blending it with surf like you did really sets it apart from the rest. It's still well within the general vibe of chiptune, though. It doesn't sound superfluous or anything.
  14. Two MIDI inputs?

    Cool beans. Cheers.
  15. Two MIDI inputs?

    Ok. Actually, it looks like Mike sells midimerger kits on his shop. I have to buy another SID module soon anyway so I'll probably get one then. Does it just connect to the CORE via J11, and then those are my midi inputs? ie, I don't use the midi inputs/outputs on my CORE module? Or do I need two COREs? Thanks again for the help.