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  1. LPC17 specifications

    That's great ! And Programmers Lounge looks so promising... there is a lot to explore. Huge thanks !!!
  2. LPC17 specifications

    Thanks guys ! I found the schematic here: After some researching I came up with this specs: LPC 17 Core I/O: - 4 x DINX4 = 128 ins - 4 x DOUTX4 = 128 outs - 2 x AIN = 64 ins - 2 x MIDI In/Out - 1 x USB - 1 x Ethernet - 1 x SD Card - 1 x 2X20 LCD There is also an unused, mysterious J10 Jack on the board, labeled as “General Purpose IO Portâ€. What can it be used for ? And what is a scan matrix ? ( there is a mention in documentation about 16 (8x8) scan-matrices…) Are these specs correct so far ? Please correct me, if I’m wrong. thanks, Roman
  3. LPC17 specifications

    Hello ! I’ve been lurking here around for a while, before asking questions…( occasionally since 2008, but I felt never ready enough to start some projects ). I think now is the right moment to move on ;-) I’m Roman from Germany and have some background in electronics ( …my education was a around 10 years ago ). I’m actually programming in Max/MSP/M4L, mainly for Monome and Lemur devices. I’m primarily interested in building a Controller that commuticates over OSC with software like Ableton Live ( LiveAPI / Python ), Max/MSP and the like. I think before I go too much into details with my project I have to extend my skillset first. ( learning some C/Python code, dive into electronics again e.g.) This will take a while and in the meantime I decided to study the midibox platform… So I have some questions related to LPC17 Core: 1: can someone point me to te datasheet where I can look into DIN/DOUT, AIN/AOUT specifications, I simply can’t find this information on the frontpage/forum. 2: is it possible to cascade multiple cores, in order to have more A/D inputs/outputs ? any help is appreciated… thanks, Roman