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  1. MiDI IO 128 : Pots setup

    Very sorry, i've used midibox only once, and since i broke my AINSER chip, i ended up using an arduino for pots.
  2. Am i allowed to sell stuff containing a midibox ?

    Wow thank you very much ! i'll keep you informed, and i'll post here the next steps of the project, if i manage to do it as expected. cheers. louis
  3. Am i allowed to sell stuff containing a midibox ?

    Thanks ! That would be good news. I'll get in touch with TK, then !   louis
  4. Hi there !   i've made a pedagogical musical installation in a school, called "Végétophone". It's working beyond my expectations and i've been asked if i could make a small series of a suitecase version that would be bought by music schools, libraries and venues. Since it contains a midibox in it i(amongst other things) was wondering if was allowed to do that. It's a purely non-profit project of course.   By the way if you are interested you can watch these :     Thank you !   louis
  5. AINSER64 problems

    Hey, thank you so much for the detailed answer.  Under the pressure of the emergency, i had to find another solution. So i made a few phone calls and found an arduino Mega, it seems to be easy to do (no midi), so i'll go this way. But i definitely will build other midibox projects, so i'll eventually sort it out ! Again, many thanks, i really appreciate.   louis
  6. AINSER64 problems

    Help ! I tried a new cable orientation (see picture) but it behaves the same way... By mistake i broke one of the MCP3208 pin.... you can see it on the picture as well. But i assume it should work anyway, since this pin is for CH0 (pin1), so it just broke J6, right ? Otherwise, if i find another MCP3208, i can just replace it, or does it need to be flashed ? Last question : i didn't edit my midi128io settings regarding AINSER, i thought this might be the issue. is it supposed to work by default ? (i don't have any LCD connected so i would edit in openoffice) This is urgent, very urgent... Thank you very much louis
  7. AINSER64 problems

    Hey thank you for your answer ! By IC1 and IC2 you mean MCP3208 and 74HC595 ? Which pins should i test ? Between 15 and 16 ? And just to be sure : it should be working even without anything plugged in my analog inputs, right ? (in my case, J6 and J7).
  8. AINSER64 problems

    double post
  9. AINSER64 problems

    Here are a few pictures and screenshots. Help would be greatly appreciated ! (I should have this working within 2 days to finish my residency in a school....)  
  10. AINSER64 problems

    Hey. Still no luck with version 3.0.16... The link led's on or off state seems pretty random to me. Would it help if i post pictures and screenshots ?
  11. AINSER64 problems

    Thanks, i'll give it a try tomorrow, since i think i am still on v3.0.12. Hopefully this could be the issue. The link led never flashed. It's just stays on. Or it just stays off, sometimes. When i plug/unplug/replug the J19 several times, the link led is most of the time staying on, but maybe 20% of the times, it stays off. When launching the jitter monitoring app, i've got nothing but -- everywhere. when i unplug the ribbon, i've got 4095 for min and max and 0 diff. when i plug it on, i've got 0 min, --max and 0 diff. I'll come back here tomorrow and let you know !
  12. AINSER64 problems

    Thanks,   i mean, it stays lit. sometimes when i start mios studio after plugging the midibox or whatever, it remains unlit. Anyway, it's never been slowly fading. I've tried the jitter monitor application, it didn't show anything (although i'll redo the tests today).
  13. AINSER64 problems

    Hi, i'd like to have some help with my AINSER64 used in a MIDI128IO config :   i've mounted the unit, 'shortcuted' several unused inputs. When i plug it to the core, the yellow and red lights light on. But the green 'link' one sometimes remains lit, or unlit. that seems to indicate a problem. In MIOS Studio, i see a bunch (i guess 64) of CCs going to 0 when i unplug the AINSER. Any idea of what i am doing wrong ?   Thank you,   louis
  14. MiDI IO 128 : Pots setup

    Hi folly ! i'm still waiting for my AINSER64 kit, it should arrive shortly. I'll let you know, but i'm pretty confident, since TK. recommended it precisely for this reason. I'll post back here.
  15. Any news from SmashTV ?

    Fixed ! Appears to have a problem with my e-mail address.