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  1. Hi I purchased a Roland MT-32 off ebay a while ago - which I discovered is quite a basic sound module however I think it has potential as it is very editable with system exclusive messages. Currently I am using PC software downloaded off the internet however a dedicated hardware box would be a much better solution as sounds could be edited on the fly. It uses partials, which are basically short samples, and also square and sawtooth waveforms to produce the sounds. The square and sawtooth sounds can be filtered with low pass filter with resonance and there is and envelope generator for this and both partials and waveforms have pitch envelope and amplitude envelope generators. There is also a reverb available to pass the sounds through. I think what I was hoping to get from this forum would be some advise about getting a hardware controller for the MT-32 off the ground. Something like the midibox SID would be good but all done via sysex messages and without the need for any cannibalisation of the sound module. Many Thanks