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  1. Midibox LC strap down

    Hi at all... first post here. so let me say, what a great source this forum is. I think i'm on the right way, but a few questions remain. What i want to do: I search for a workaround to get Stop/Play/Record status out of Protools. In fact i need just a Dout level to control a small logic witch will drive some LED's and a relais (or FET switch). The relais switches the Talkback Mic send to Headphone system in the recording room. The talkback mutes automatically when Protools is in Playback and/or in Record status. Questions_ 1) am i right, the only way to get these status out of a DAW is a Midibox LC? Will this work properly with just the core module and nothing else? 2) can i use the Dout's directly from the PIC without a additional Dout module? Is it possible to address these 3 Dout pins from the PIC to the right midinote? thank you very much for clarifying... hanes