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  1. Recreation of NI's MASSIVE

    Is the mouse automation the only possible solution? Would it be solid? I like the idea though.. Where can I learn more about these mouse automation? The first thing that came up in my mind is the massive's window position on the screen.. it should always be in a certain position? Also, of course it doesn't work if the windoes is not on top, right? Thank you for your suggestion!
  2. Recreation of NI's MASSIVE

    There are things that I can't control with an external midi controller, right? For example, I would not be able to control the wavetable selector, nor the OSC ON/OFF button, right? Is there a workaround or it's impossible?
  3. Recreation of NI's MASSIVE

    Hi guys :D My first post here. I'm very glad I found this community :) I have a sexy idea about a custom controller, I would really like to build it, I will just tell the idea to you, that are certainly more expert than me, can you just tell me what you think? Yes, I'm a total noob, but I learn pretty fast (cool, I'm also reading the wiki) So the idea is basically an phisycal version of the NI's vst called MASSIVE. I would like to recreate the total feel of the VST, so I would like the design and the colours to be the same as the VST.. How hard is it? Is possible at all? Consider that I really don't even know how to take the first step, but, as I said, I learn things pretty fast. Thank you. :) (sorry if wrong section)