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  1. sammichFM OLED Display

    Thanks again Thorsten.. had to put some more work into it.. because the OLED is not nearly as high as the LCD.. so i had to remount it on the top and solder longer pins to it. Now finally it looks like the Shruthi XT and fits inside my Studio  :sweat:             Thanks for making it possible  :w00t:   Best Regards Patrick
  2. sammichFM OLED Display

    I connected them exactly like you wrote before.. also measure continuity again at those points, here is the pic..  Maybe i overlooked something. Thanks     EDIT: Its working now.. i just randomly tried to Switch the Wire RE1 <-> RE2. Did i read the Shematics wrong ? you wrote:   - PIC Pin RE1 to J16:D3 - PIC Pin RE2 to J16:D2 - PIC Pin RB1 to J16:D1 - PIC Pin RB0 to J16:D0 /moderator edit: this is the wrong pinning, documentation has been corrected in TK's posting above   Well nevermind.. its working so i am supper happy !! :D
  3. sammichFM OLED Display

    Hello I did the Mod and flashed the firmware.   The normal LCD is not outputting the correct data anymore. The OLED is at least showing the first R of what i guess should be (RANDOM PATCH) and some chars at the end.   Maybe you got a hint ? Thanks again   EDIT: this is the OLED i got http://de.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Newhaven-Display/NHD-0220DZW-AG5/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMshRHSPqbouvFu0giaJJ%252b33TsxIS1Y%252b3Po%3d
  4. sammichFM OLED Display

    Thanks Thorsten... will try this version tomorrow after connecting the wires.   So basically flashing this firmware should enable the OLED Driver, if i want to use a normal LCD i would flash the standard version again?   Will keep you updated on the progress. This could save my day.   Greets Patrick
  5. sammichFM OLED Display

    I dont know yet how to compile the firmware, havent used any programming languages for ages.   Ok will do the wiring tomorrow morning, thanks for your effort, would be really nice to get it working.   Thanks and best regards Patrick
  6. sammichFM OLED Display

    Hey Thorsten ! Thanks for your reply. So i just put 4 wires directly from the PIC to the Digital Pins on J16 to the LCD ? Do i need to cut any traces or just make the new connections in addition ?   If i make a firmware update will i have to remodify the firmware? If so could you point me at the part that i need to modify ? Thanks again!!!
  7. FS: LCD and OLED Displays

    Dont know.. hmm lets say 35€ shipped to norway? (shipping is 14,50 euro)   The Newhaven alone cost me that, and i got no use for them at the moment.   Greets
  8. family1

    From the album SammichFM

  9. FS: LCD and OLED Displays

    Hey.. need to sell some stuff i dont need anymore from other Projects   1x   OLED 2x20    Green                  http://de.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Microtips-Technology/UMSH-3267MD-2UB/?qs=PxK/yluExMczWqJwV6Ra5g== 1x   Newhaven OLED 2x20 Green  (new)    http://de.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Newhaven-Display/NHD-0220DZW-AG5/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMshRHSPqbouvFu0giaJJ%252b33TsxIS1Y%252b3Po%3d 1x  Negative LCD 2x20  Black/Green  (was built in sammichFM) 1x  Negative LCD 2x20  dont know color  (same design as sammichFM LCD) 1x Negative LCD 4x20   color unknown  http://img.alibaba.com/img/pb/335/332/262/1281692203966_hz-cnmyalibaba-web2_11433.jpg   Maybe someone is a collector and wants them all for a cheap price. Drop me a message   Shipping from Europe to around the world, dont know the rates yet.   Greets Patrick
  10. Current Setup

    From the album SammichFM

  11. sammichFM Midi Thru ?

    ok nevermind i found an old midi interface which i will use :)
  12. SammichFM

    From the album SammichFM

  13. sammichFM OLED Display

    According to the Datasheet the Pins etc. should be the same. I dont know for the 4/8 bit thing, it isnt displaying anything. Hope someone got a clue..
  14. sammichFM OLED Display

    Hey guys i ordered a Newhaven OLED 2x20 Display, it seems it doesnt work on my sammichFM.. it just stays black.   What am i missing ? Thanks Patrick  
  15. sammichFM Midi Thru ?

    Hello I was reading the manual but couldnt find anything regarding a Midi Thru option (so that the sammichFM forwards the Midi Input to the Out).   I saw there is a midi merger option, which it seems, i am not able to select with my 2x20 char display in CFG Mode (i can not scroll in the CFG Page).   Any ideas? Thanks Patrick