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  1. Thanks again Thorsten.. had to put some more work into it.. because the OLED is not nearly as high as the LCD.. so i had to remount it on the top and solder longer pins to it.

    Now finally it looks like the Shruthi XT and fits inside my Studio  :sweat:








    Thanks for making it possible  :w00t:


    Best Regards

  2. I connected them exactly like you wrote before.. also measure continuity again at those points, here is the pic.. 
    Maybe i overlooked something.



    EDIT: Its working now.. i just randomly tried to Switch the Wire RE1 <-> RE2. Did i read the Shematics wrong ? you wrote:


    - PIC Pin RE1 to J16:D3

    - PIC Pin RE2 to J16:D2

    - PIC Pin RB1 to J16:D1

    - PIC Pin RB0 to J16:D0

    /moderator edit: this is the wrong pinning, documentation has been corrected in TK's posting above

    Well nevermind.. its working so i am supper happy !! :D


  3. Hello

    I did the Mod and flashed the firmware.


    The normal LCD is not outputting the correct data anymore.

    The OLED is at least showing the first R of what i guess should be (RANDOM PATCH) and some chars at the end.


    Maybe you got a hint ?

    Thanks again


    EDIT: this is the OLED i got http://de.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Newhaven-Display/NHD-0220DZW-AG5/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMshRHSPqbouvFu0giaJJ%252b33TsxIS1Y%252b3Po%3d


  4. Thanks Thorsten... will try this version tomorrow after connecting the wires.


    So basically flashing this firmware should enable the OLED Driver, if i want to use a normal LCD i would flash the standard version again?


    Will keep you updated on the progress.

    This could save my day.




  5. I dont know yet how to compile the firmware, havent used any programming languages for ages.


    Ok will do the wiring tomorrow morning, thanks for your effort, would be really nice to get it working.


    Thanks and best regards


  6. Hey Thorsten ! Thanks for your reply.

    So i just put 4 wires directly from the PIC to the Digital Pins on J16 to the LCD ?

    Do i need to cut any traces or just make the new connections in addition ?


    If i make a firmware update will i have to remodify the firmware? If so could you point me at the part that i need to modify ? Thanks again!!!

  7. Hey.. need to sell some stuff i dont need anymore from other Projects


    1x   OLED 2x20    Green                  http://de.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Microtips-Technology/UMSH-3267MD-2UB/?qs=PxK/yluExMczWqJwV6Ra5g==

    1x   Newhaven OLED 2x20 Green  (new)    http://de.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Newhaven-Display/NHD-0220DZW-AG5/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMshRHSPqbouvFu0giaJJ%252b33TsxIS1Y%252b3Po%3d

    1x  Negative LCD 2x20  Black/Green  (was built in sammichFM)

    1x  Negative LCD 2x20  dont know color  (same design as sammichFM LCD)

    1x Negative LCD 4x20   color unknown  http://img.alibaba.com/img/pb/335/332/262/1281692203966_hz-cnmyalibaba-web2_11433.jpg


    Maybe someone is a collector and wants them all for a cheap price.

    Drop me a message


    Shipping from Europe to around the world, dont know the rates yet.




  8. Hello

    I was reading the manual but couldnt find anything regarding a Midi Thru option (so that the sammichFM forwards the Midi Input to the Out).


    I saw there is a midi merger option, which it seems, i am not able to select with my 2x20 char display in CFG Mode (i can not scroll in the CFG Page).


    Any ideas?




  9. Hey

    I have a brand new sammichSID. It has rarely been used, and i have to save money for a project, thats why i need to sell it :no:


    It has the new lexan covers, a negative green LCD, Alps Knob, 2x 8580 SIDs with passive cooling and includes the AC Adapter.


    As seen on other sales i would ask for 400 EURO. Shipping would be possible worldwide, but preferred inside Europe.

    I am from Austria.


    Please give this wonderful device a new warm home :smile:



    EDIT: it has been sold to a nice guy from the forum, hope it is ok as it was a non profit sale.


  10. Great project guys !! I will definately check back to be up to date :D

    Also looking at the front panel, if there is a machine who can bring world peace, this shoud be it :queen:

  11. Lesson learned, good thing that i had a HD44780 compatible one laying around, i thought all those 2002 (20x02) LCD's are HD44780 compatible, seemed like this is the standard for all of those.

    Well..i was wrong, anyone got a need for this display ? will sell it cheap :P

  12. Hello!

    I bought a LCD from mouser to replace my blue white lcd (which sucks).

    Today i got the LCD Module and hooked everything up, but i only see the backlight and nothing else.

    its this LCD: http://www.mouser.com/catalog/specsheets/UMSH-3267MD-2UB.pdf

    Please dont tell me that it is not compatible ?

    I almost paid 40 euro incl. shipping for it :(


    Hope that someone can help me

    I checked the Pinout, it was the same as my old one, so i thought i could buy it and use it for my sammich.



  13. here is a new teaser that was posted on matrixsynth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_gu1rmtoaZ4

    I would really love to have a little peek inside the case.

    i dont like modemachines, all those threads on adafruit i have seen in the past years.. but still in respect to the designer (if he has not stolen anything), i gotta say i kinda like the design and the sounds in the video.

    other than that i would personally never buy anything from modemachines, but this are just my 2 cents.

    but i guess, looking at the ASID64 (which is a MB-6582 from the first sight), i dont think that they came up with something themselves for their Mode Machines SID.

    Looking at the design it seems that they ripped the adafruit version of the x0xb0x sequencer and connected a SID module (and a fancy iPAD Mode which every real c64 lover would die for) to it.

    the owner of mode machines also said in a video on youtube that the first 300 units come with a genuine sid chip (i wonder where those rare parts come from)

    and the other units will be using an replica which is just as "good"

    lets all just respect each other and dont make profit on others ideas :clover:

  14. if i would want to sell them more expensive, i would print the actual 8580 on it not a number that you cant even find on google anywhere :P

    How is that important? If they make pleasant noise just build an MBSID with them. You can always decide later that you rather have SIDs with proper silkscreen.

    It is because i dont have a genuine chip here for reference.. i cant tell you if the filter behavior is like it should, when i turn the cutoff i can hear that some frequencies are cut off, but the range doesnt sound right to me, same for resonance. As soon as i get my 8580 from androSID i will compare them, and its never a bad choice to have some SIDs as spares...