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  1. motorfader calibration new problem

    Thanks, but is not solution for me by many cases now. The box is almost done and i am not perfect to hardware rebuild I am would be like find software solution.
  2. Hi there. I am build a MB_LC with 18f452 core now, for motorfaders i am choose faders from bcf2000 and they look working well with pwm p/c = 3/1 The problem in calibration is that they dont reach end voltage points, i.e in low position is always about 40-70mw and in high position about 4.78-85, so they never send 0/127 values to the aplication and dont reach 0/127 from application On the real the driver keep send pwm when fader reach end position and application recive from faders 1/126 , sometimes 2/126, but in this diaposone all working with no problems I think this problem must exist in any other faders, especialy if the faders is not new The "a/d deadband" parametrs is not a cure as it affect total resolution of a fader, although faders behave more stable on end points with high values of deadband but not enough So it clear that another point of calibrate faders must will be ability to tell a/d relative 0 and +5v with respect to appropriate fader end voltage points So from were on MB_LC programm code i need start?