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  1. MIDI Device Plug-Ins

    Yes, I think you're right - I suspect it's part of their Developer program which is $100 a year - bah. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end! At least if I've spent $100 on the tool it will force me to actually finish the project!
  2. MIDI Device Plug-Ins

    Hi everyone, Has anyone seen documentation for Logic's MIDI Device Plug-In (.bundle) ? I want to make my own control surface but the HUI doesn't really fulfil my needs, especially regarding the resolution of the feedback on the V-pots (11 steps). I know it's possible - the V-control has its own .bundle file, but at the moment I'm suspecting it's a closely guarded secret since I can't find any information online, or in the Apple developer documentation. I'm hoping someone can prove me wrong though! thanks O