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  1. Pro Tools - HUI Emulation

    Where do I put this file? I am not familiar with how to use templates? Thanks!
  2. Pro Tools - HUI Emulation

    Hey Duggle.   I was thinking I needed something like this. Do I just replace my default NGC with this code?
  3. Pro Tools - HUI Emulation

    Here are all my files loaded on the SD.
  4. Pro Tools - HUI Emulation

    Hey everyone.   I am having trouble getting Pro Tools to respond to my controller. I have it setup in Pro Tools as HUI, but nothing seems to work.   Is there a setting I need to declare in MIOS for HUI Emulation? Or is that always available?   Setup: LPC17 NG DIN   Thanks! -eric   (the attachment shows the MIOS in italics, I just had it unplugged when I did the screenshot)
  5. LPC17 and DIN

    woot.   @novski that was it!   Again, thanks for the help everyone.
  6. LPC17 and DIN

    It all seems to be hooked up fine.   I just had some jumper wires laying around that I crimped some dsub connectors to. All those are passing current fine.   Do you have to #include a NGC file for it to load? Or does it load every file on the SD?
  7. LPC17 and DIN

    @duggle   Ok, I tested all the connections. The clk, data and RC all beep ok from the core to the first shift reg.   Thanks for your help.
  8. LPC17 and DIN

    @novski   I am following that 'first steps' tutorial
  9. LPC17 and DIN

    Hey Spirit.   Ya I get the voltage drop to 0V when the button is pressed.   I have this in HELLO.NGC     RESET_HW   EVENT_BUTTON id=1  type=NoteOn key=36  
  10. LPC17 and DIN

    I'm stuck again :/   I am new to hardware dev, I come form the software side of things. I appreciate everyones help getting me off the ground.   I have a DIN connected to J8 and a single button. I am trying to get the 'first steps' one button test to work. There is voltage and the button works.   Am I correct that the button gets wired to ground and D0? I get a voltage drop when the button is pressed, but nothing happens in MIOS.   Thanks!!  
  11. LPC17 and DOUT

    Ok! We have liftoff!   Thanks so much everyone. 
  12. LPC17 and DOUT

    @duggle: I assumed they just mirrored J8 e.g Vs Vd Si Sc Rc   I have some ribbons on order. The site didn't state that I needed to order them separately.   Thanks for your help.
  13. LPC17 and DOUT

    @spirit: oh my, thanks for catching that.   Unfortunately, that didn't solve the issue. LED still on all the time. I checked my wiring again over the whole board.   (how do you send a beer?)
  14. LPC17 and DOUT

    Hey Duggle. I am getting voltage to the DOUT board, tried using J8 and J9. Here are some pics, thanks for your help!!
  15. LPC17 and DOUT

    Hey Pete. Ya, I tried that already. I also tried setting individual pins to 0|1 and nothing happens.