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  1. little problems on my sammichSID need help please

    I did the update V2_043 with my BCR2000 (but under windows vista) which is on the blacklist and it works great, the encoder no longer jumps and I out option in the clock menu I am very happy!   Best regards, damien  :smile:
  2. sammichSID encoder

    I had the same problem and in my case it was the firmware that was too old I did the update V2_043 and it works great, I hope it will help you solve your problem.   Best regards, damien
  3. Hello and thank you for your reply, I meant if my synthesizer could be synchronized platform with my sammichSID, and if my sammichSID able to send midi note to my synthesizer, but now I see that it can't do it , it is pity. I wanted to tell you that yesterday I just re-pressed a second time on the button "Start"of mios studio and amazing within seconds my sammichSID has been updated in "V2_043" firmware with my BCR2000! :smile: I am very happy, and that's why I thought my sammichSID could send midi notes clock in "master" now that I get the "out" option but no matter. Thank you anyway for your help.   Best regards, damien
  4. hello again! I'd like to know if it is possible to sequence an external synthesizer in slave with the sammichSID in master in bassline mode please ? I tried several times but without success, I really thought that once the update the new firmware will be made​​ it will work correctly.  :no:   Best regards, damien
  5. :queen: it's great after a 2nd attempt (I just pressed a 2nd time on the button Start) V2_043 the firmware is installed with the BCR2000 that normally did not supposed to work for update the firmware, and is registered in the blacklist! I do not know why the first time it didn't work but in any case it's great I'm really very happy! Thank you very much for your help TK and sorry to bother you, I'll make a video on my youtube channel tomorrow to try a little my sammichSID! :rofl:  Again a thousand times thank you TK!   Best regards, damien :smile:  
  6. :pinch: I understand, I actually misunderstood in English when I read "reliable" in the black list I thought it was meant the contrary, I'm sorry. I'll try as soon as I can with the midi interface Alesis IO2 from a friend and not insist I do not want to damage my sammich I love too much to hurt him :rolleyes: . But how can I do to stop the display "rebooting mios" on my sammichSID please?
  7. Scanning for MIDI Inputs... [1] BCR2000 [2] MIDIIN2 (BCR2000) MIDI Monitor ready. [865523.580] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 00 00 f7 [865631.383] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 00 00 f7 [865631.724] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 04 f7 [865631.861] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 3a f7 [865631.986] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 71 f7 [865632.099] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 08 f7 [865632.212] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 69 f7 [865632.325] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 09 f7 [865632.463] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 18 f7 [865632.624] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 5b f7 [865632.786] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 03 f7 [865632.947] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 1e f7 [865633.109] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 11 f7 [865633.270] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 61 f7 [865633.432] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0f 4e f7 [865650.957] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [865652.851] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [865654.750] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [865654.760] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 0e 03 32 f7 [865654.763] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [865656.656] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [865658.551] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [865660.445] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [865662.339] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [865794.935] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 sorry I tried to copy everything but I do not then managed to publish everything in the forum I think it is too long
  8.  Thank you for responding so quickly it's very nice of you, I unplugged the midi in my sammichSID, and nothing happens, by cons I had not seen in the window midi in of mios studio, there are inscriptions that parade "[869049. 048] f0 00 00 7 40 00 01 f7 "and it appears the same thing below, but the number of the early changes all the time but the end is always" f0 00 00 7 40 00 01 f7 "I also disconnected the sammich out and always shows "rebooting mios" but stopped the inscriptions in the window of mios midi in studio, and when I reconnect the inscriptions start again.
  9. Hello, following my previous post on the forum, I tried to update the new firmware on my sammichSID with my BCR2000 Berhinger under windows vista, everything seemed to go well at first but mios studio posted super "no response from core After 16 retries" and my lcd screen on my sammichSID shows "rebooting mios" and it is blocked like this for a very long time I did not know what to do if anyone can help me it will be nice because I began to be worried about my sammichSID. thank you in advance   Best regards, damien
  10. little problems on my sammichSID need help please

    hello and thank you again for your help TK. To update the firmware I saw in the list with a BCR2000 Berhinger it works on OS X (10.5), but it would work in window vista? Because I have a BCR2000 to the house I've ever tried, I did not know he could be used as midi interface. If a friend can lend me a Alesis IO2, if it is not on the blacklist that have to work, right?    Best regards, damien
  11. little problems on my sammichSID need help please

    Hello TK, thank you very much for your help. when I turn on my sammichSID that displays MIOS 1.9 G 2009, and after that there midibox RC28 V2 launching CS that appears. In terms of sound, I noticed at the time playing with the drum engine that I could not hear some instrument tracks, so when I switched the sound on the left side I heard the the tracks of instruments that I did not hear before, I think the chip right, so that which had  the leg folded doesn't work, right? I'm a little confused to update the MIOS is what I need special tools to do this? I have no midi interface on my computer, I just have a arduino but I do not think it can help me, I never do that and I'm a bit lost with the technical language, sorry. I also want to know if I can sequence my TB303 clone rack with my sammichSID in bassline mode? I tried but nothing happens, I also think it's probably because I'm not the out option in the clock menu, right? There are other things that I noticed when I turn the knobs up or down, it jumps several decimal places at once.
  12. Hello everyone , I got a sammichSID lately and I just realize by reading the manual that I have some problems. Then in a first time in the clock menu I have only sid, bpm and mod posted , it lacks the out option , I do not understand why I did not . Then the other problem I noticed is quite strange , it always concerns the display but this time it is when I am in the menu sid there is 1 then 3 stars after 1 displayed, while in the manual can be seen writing 1 followed by three dashes and just when i want to select one of two sid it does not move , it 's always the same one followed by 3 stars . I also want to clarify that when I recovered sammichSID I opened it to look inside and I did well because I was shocked to see one of the legs of the 2nd chips that were not returned in the socket, this leg was completely bent ! So I exit the 6581 and tried to straighten correctly I succeeded, I put the 6581 in its socket but still the same display at the selection of the sid chip , I wonder if my sammich not not working on one sid ? I thank in advance all those who could help me! (i'm french sorry for english)   Best regards, damien
  13. bonjour a tous , j'ai récupéré une sammichSID dérniérement et je viens de me rendre compte en lisant le manuel que j'ai quelques problémes. Alors dans un 1er temps dans le menu clock je n'ai que sid, bpm et mod d'affiché, il me manque out, je comprends pas pourquoi je ne l'ai pas. Ensuite l'autre probléme que j'ai remarqué est assez étrange, cela concerne toujours l'affichage mais ce coup ci c'est lorsque je suis dans la fonction sid il y a affiché 1 puis 3 étoiles aprés le 1, alors que dans le manuel on voit écrit 1 suivi de 3 petits traits et lorsque justement je veux séléctionner une des deux sid ça ne bouge pas, c'est toujours pareil 1 suivi de 3 étoiles. Je tiens à préciser aussi que lorsque j'ai récupéré la sammichSID je l'ai ouverte pour regarder dedans et j'ai bien fait car la j'ai été outré de voir une des pattes de la 2éme puces qui n'été pas rentré dans la socket, cette patte était complétement pliée!!! Du coup j'ai sortie la 6581 et éssayé de la redrésser correctement j'ai réussi, j'ai remis la 6581 dans sa socket mais toujours le même affichage au niveau de la selection de la puce sid je me demande si ma sammich ne marche pas sur une seule sid ? Je remercie d'avance toutes personnes pouvant m'aider! Merci    Coordialement damien
  14. need information on the sid chips

    hi everyone! thank you for your answers, in fact I checked and my two 8580 chips are the same, it was PACKAGING my sid chips. I got the sid sammich and I must say that I'm having, I'm pleasantly surprised and I wish I could build myself a sammichSID but not found. By cons I'll change some components and put my 8580 instead of 6581 that there was currently inside I noticed that there are waveforms that 6581 did not, and I find the grain of the 8580 is more powerful and cleaner than 6581. Finally, this is just my opinion, but I'll get the list of pieces to change and then change the components needed and change the sids.   Bests damien
  15. need information on the sid chips

    ok thank you all for your information! I recovers the sammichSID  the next week, I'll try to change the chips but how do I do with my 8580, because one is a CSG and the other a MOS and they are not the same width, is that I need found yet another chip MOS 8580 ?