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  1. modulation generators (LFO, ADSR)

    thx a lot for the very quick response. so the best thing for me to do is to wait that you come up with THE solution!! that sound easy... im not in a hurry , so ill keep an eye on it... thx again!!
  2. Hey!   I m new in this forum, so i will have more questions than answers, sorry about that. I was looking for modulation generators (LFO, ADSR) generated by a chip and i found on various forums people suggesting to use midiboxSID to do so. I spent some time to read ucapps (i m already a bit familiar to this because i built a midibox with few encoders mounted inside a midi keyboard) and treads on this forum. My project is to control analog modules like VCOs, VCFs, VCAs (which i already own) via modulators generated by the midiboxSID. I don't need all options offered by this great project! (i heard about people stealing the idea and selling it, what a shame...)   So, i have a few questions :   - are the envelops and LFOs generated by the SID chip or by the Core module?   - how precise they are? (bits, hz) i want to avoid digital artifacts like steps and weird unwanted noises...   - how far is it possible to adjust the frequency of LFOs and differents times of ADSR?   - is there a midiboxSID V3 running on mios32 and LPC17? (and where is it?)   - do i need the C64 SID chip to make it work or not? will i have to change the code a lot?   - does the Core module has DACs to output the LFOs and ADSRs? or do i need to use the  AOUT Module?   - how many of them can i run on a single chip?   i have a lot of other things to ask but i thinks that's quite a good start!!   thanks in advance for your futures answers...   wish you a good day or night from France!! (BTW, sorry for my poor english)