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  1. I've had a think and for the sake of getting something up and running quickly, I'm going with the core 8 and cv1 along with a quad IIC as originally planned. I'm not sure i'll be using many of the more advnced features of the new software for my current needs. Has anyone any recommendation/experience with this older set-up? pitfalls, things to make sure I get/avoid? Cheers, Jon
  2. thanks for your replies. originally I was going for the core 8 and midi cv 1 as it appeared to have a more straightforward build and documentation, but I kept reading on here how much improved things are with the newer cores so decided that would be best for my current purposes and any future additions or changes I might like to make. i didn't realise that midi cv2 isn't released yet. haven't read much about the stm32f core either. this shows I need to do more reading! I will investigate further, thanks 2 both of you for the help:)
  3. Hi, I am hoping to build a midi to CV converter using the LPC17 Core module and the AOUT_NG. I would also like the same core to provide 4 Midi outs so it can act as a midi router as well. Is this possible? I have seen the quad IIC kit in the SmashTV shop which looks ideal. Have been trying to find info on using this along with the Midi to CV 2 but haven't found anything so thought I'd ask. Also, if it is compatible, can I still use the DOUT trick to get additonal Gates out for the CV converter? Cheers, Jon
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