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  1. Starting MB6582 build

    Hi, Mounted a Midas LCD on my MB6582 and I remember that I encountered the same problem... I first made the "standard" wiring and burned the backlight... Figured it out (after having bought a second LCD :/ ) by simply following this little scheme in the spec : ... and made some rewiring around P2 trimmer : Finally, check the wiring on LCD side. Pins 15 and 16 should be inverted, but double check with the LCD pinout.   Hope that will help you. Cheers!    
  2. WTB : MB 6582 WINDOW

    Hey! If someone sell, I'm also interested for buying this. Still missing on my MB6582... I've a Wilba frontpanel 1.5mm. Thx!
  3. Hi, Just checked Wilba's PCB with my Eurorack case. Not sure how this will fit :/
  4. Line Driver Module PCBs

    Hi,   I'm interested in one pair. I've sent you a PM, Arno.   Thx