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  1. MKS-2 330n Voltage Please?

    Hello please may I ask what is the correct voltage for the MKS-2 330n for point C10 on the Sid module for the MIDIbox SID V2. I can see quite a few different versions on the reichelt website. Many thanks.   Alistair.
  2. Mbhp burner VDD testing problem

    Hi Thorsten I feel I should mention that I am very new to electronics, I have only been doing this for 3 weeks, before that I knew not very much. I apologise that I got pin 13 & 11 mixed up. Yes there is a voltage at pin 13. I am also worried that the SN74HC14N's are damaged as I connected an incorrect voltage battery at first and blew the capacitor at vdd pin 32 which I have since replaced (I have tested every component as directed by online tutorials with the multimeter and that was the only component that showed an open-line reading.) Should the in/out pins of the SN74HC14N's as described at show some resistance when disconnected from the pcb and connected to multimeter leads as when testing a wire or fuse? at the moment I am getting open circuit between vcc and gnd and also between pin 13 and 12 on the SN74HC14N with the multimeter. Also some of my 1st time soldering was nervous and I didn't do a good job of the ground pins on the parallel cable and one of the ceramic capacitors on the vdd pin on ic3, I think I should re-solder them, could this be affecting anything?Many thanks.
  3. Mbhp burner VDD testing problem

    Hi I tested ic3 pin 12 and there is no voltage. I tested pin 13, also no voltage. i tested the vdd pin and ground and got just under 5v.I tested the nearest pin on the capacitor to vdd and got just under 5v. I swapped both SN74HC14N's and still got the same result. Does this mean there is something wrong with my soldering at pins 12-13? what should I do to progress?   Many thanks.    
  4. Hello I have assembled and am testing my first mbhp burner module. Everything went fine until testing the vdd pin voltages. The yellow light flashes on and off when I toggle vdd in the p18_18 software but there is no voltage change in the pins. I have noticed that the when testing the vdd pin on the ceramic capacitor line with the vss pin on the opposite side of the socket there is an exact change from 5 to 0 volts. Please can someone advise me what I am doing wrong. Many thanks.
  5. Mbhp burner testing question

    hi im putting together my first mbhp v1+ module and its successful so far but its my first power up and im doing the test procedure does mclr# mean the same as j2? I cant find it on the schematic. Please help :-)
  6. PIC16F88 firmware not available

    Many thanks guys I have found it in the IIC MIDI Module download section :-)
  7. PIC16F88 firmware not available

    Hello I have purchased all the parts nescassary to build a MBHP_BURNER in order to burn the bootsrap loader on to the PIC18F4685 and the firmware on to the PIC16F88 in order to build the PIC based core. The IIC MIDI Module page mentions firmware is to be burned to the PIC16F88, however i can not find a description of this firmware or a download link for it. Please direct me. Many Thanks