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  1. The NG and the DSP...

    thanks , same to you I'm supposed to be working on an album so maybe its not a good idea to start this now! I have zero coding experience   I found these, but I dont want to buy the full package, just prodyssesy   this might be of interest to someone, the cpu is pretty weak but might be worth it at this price   JRR are usually great with pricing but the asx card is $399 there!     Ive been using 9v with mine, can I use regulated 5v supply? does that 9v get converted to 3.3v or 5v? the physical  midi output, is that the usb midi out?      
  2. The NG and the DSP...

    (I didnt get a notification either)
  3. The NG and the DSP...

    hi Benoit, thanks for replying I discovered they used aftertouch values while I was looking for midi cc's for the effects, had never seen that implemented that way I just bought another asx card and was hoping to use pro12 or prodysessy but not even sure if you can get these legit anymore   so its just storing midi snapshots via SPI? Im very new to digital
  4. The NG and the DSP...

    hi, any updates on this? I have the asx card, Im looking for a method to save patches without being connected to a pc