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  1. DIY Hammond J-412 to MIDI controller

    My other thought, as someone just pointed out to me, is that it might be easier to replace the key beds with simple audio controllers (like M-audio). I don't mind doing this; I could still preserve the old look of the cabinet and hopefully still use the on/off/volume switch. Any ideas on how I could get started in this direction, which I assume is less complicated?
  2. Hi there, I own one of these: http://www.hammondclub.nl/db/upload/cache/image_resized/539x422/J_412_1972_OK.jpg. I bought it for $40 years ago and it's not valuable by any means. I use it right now as a conversation piece/bookshelf. However, I would really like to make it a useable instrument for my band (I play multiple keyboards). I am familiar with MIDI but no matter how much research I do, I still wind up getting confused about "DIY"ing. I want to convert this to a MIDI controller (I don't care about the organ stops, just the on/off/volume knob) and be able to use it with Logic as a basic starter module. I already have my three keyboards; I'd like this one as simply a way to add more texture/layers and the foot pedals. Would someone kindly be able to provide me with a tutorial that is user friendly to a MIDI rookie and let me know exactly what parts/board, etc. I would need for this project. I'd really appreciate it so much!! Thanks