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  1. new here

    Cool!  Should be interesting.    I hadn't noticed the midification section when I joined.  Looks like MIDI has come a long way.
  2. new here

    I am new to this site.  I also am an electronics buff, but somewhat new to midi.  I have an older non midi Baldwin organ, electric, cinema 111.  Plays pretty good, a few keys hesitate on touch.  But that is not why I want to convert it to midi.  Eventually it will not work at all.  So I think an overhaul is needed, so why not convert it to midi.  Might make it lighter to. It is heavy and huge. Nice cabinet would hate to throw it away. I also came across some videos on YouTube about midi conversions and older organs.  So I am looking for a starting point. There isn't much info on actually building or converting to midi so I got to start from scratch. Any hints would be helpful.  Thanks a bunch!