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  1. Newhaven or other 'slim' Displays

    Thanks Peter! C coding I can do. I'm aiming for the STM32F4 based core, so fingers crossed, sounds like I could get it to work. The other one I was looking at was this little guy, but messing with flat cabling seems like a touchy proposition. Besides which I can't even find a place that supplies zif connectors with a .7mm pitch. Anyway, thanks for the pointers and the welcome!
  2. Newhaven or other 'slim' Displays

    Hi all! So, I'm looking into midiboxifying this thing I have. I'd like to put a couple character displays above the button matrix, but not completely re-machine it, thus space is tight. I'm looking into these displays, and trying to figure out how much modification they will take to work. I've looked through a few threads on the Newhaven displays, but these seem to have a different driver (us2066). Can anyone offer some insight into how easily these can be used? Thanks!