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  1. Problem, w patchmode

    Hello there, I got this attractive machine recently as a broken item but was able to "fix" it buy using a Euro 220v step up box. So it works great booting up MIOS v 1.9.  But I have trouble understanding how to save and recall patches.  I can change the names of the knob settings and change the names of the banks but when i go to select patch the display just reads " < new patch A1 >"   on the first line of the display and the second line reads "Not in Patchmode" Now effectively I can get by and use each of the 16 external banks as an individual patch but I would like to take full advantage of the potential of this MIDIBOX64 or ...........(possibly) MIDIBOX64e? Thank you for any help.   S                                             
  2. Problem, w patchmode

    I noticed that the Midibox64e tutorial doesn't even mention a patch select mode or that it comes after the bank select. But I did find this in the changelog. "V2.2 a patch mode has been implemented which can be selected as an alternative option to the common "bank" mode in main.asm In patch mode, each BankStick contains only one bank configuration (means: encoder/pot/button/label setup), but 128 snapshots! This allows you to prepare one configuration for your MIDI gear, and to store/recall/morph up to 128 scenes. there are two new SysEx commands for storing/restoring patches patches and banks can be changed from external with a "Program Change" command. The channels are specified in main.asm. Default: Channel 16 - Banks; Channel 15: Patches"   Looks like I may be in a mode where there is all snapshots....but i don't seem to be able to recall or scroll through those snapshots so maybe not.
  3. Problem, w patchmode

    I have been reading up on the whole MidiBox thing for around a week and also had some help from some wonderful people in the FB Budget Gear forum. But I am having a little trouble getting a clear idea of the full process and things like 64 vs 64e. I can do some repair soldering but I am a rank beginner on breadboarding out things so the 32 bit upgrade looks to be beyond me for now. As it is, I think the only improvements I am looking to do are possibly a couple extra midi outs and maybe installing an Axoloti synth board inside if I can figure out some way to drill the holes without it looking like crap. (not enough room in the back)  
  4. Problem, w patchmode

    It does have one bankstick installed. The chip is wrapped in electrical tape in the lower righthand of the photo that shows inside. Hard to see. my needs are simple since i am going to use this to control just two or three synths together, but would upgrading to a 32 bit core require anything more than a new main chip and a new flash of firmware?