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  1. My Midiproject

    Ah okay :) And where do I get all the PCBs from? :)
  2. My Midiproject

    Sounds good :) But why do I need 4 DIN for the buttons? I thought one module with 4 multiplexers could handle 32 Inputs? :) Okay, but I can't work with SMD, is that a problem with the STM32F4?
  3. My Midiproject

    Hello everyone :) i'm Leon from Germany and I want to design my own midi controller. It should look exactly like that: http://www.malighting.com/fileadmin/_processed_/csm_MA_onPC-fader-wing-web_04_d5a4263569.jpg I decided to build the LPC17 based Core and use 2 DIN, 2 DOUT (60 buttons - 60 LEDs) and two MFNG module, because I want to use 15 Motorfaders from Alps. Is this project possible with midi box? Where can I buy the PCBs in Germany? I would be very happy with some feedback :) All the best