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  1. MIDIbox KB

    Hello, I have tried to ask on several forums however without any final answer than I have found this forum. The situation is: 1. I have started to build a 2 manual midi controller with inbuilt GSI GEMINI sound module. The project is mechanically ready and 80% of the PCBs are ready and built in. The lower manual (KEY2) is 73 key Fatar TP8O with reversed diodes and the upper manual is 61 kex Fatar TP8O. 2. I will use 2 Midibox modules. The first with Midibox KB for scanning of 2 keybeds and the second one with Midibox Ng for scanning of the control buttons, storing presets (CC values from the pots and buttons and Program change parameters) and working as a Midi Router 3. Upper manual will be assigned to Key1 Midi channel 1, Lower manual will be assigned to Key2 - Midi channel 4, 1 pitch bend wheel with modulation will be assigned to KEY2 and both manuals will haveseparate  Sustain pedal and expression pedal inputs connected to direct AIN inputs J5A, J5B 4. I want to make possible to activate and deactivate the "Make is Break" function by activating a Digital input on J10A or J10B. Is it possible to do with Midibox KB? If not I have to install relays to shorten the Make and Break buses physically (It works, I have tried it) 5. My other idea was to implement other functions, see the link and the enclosed files!!! This week I want to start to make the PCB for Midibox KB board, it should be good to have any feedback if it is enough to calculate with 2 digital inputs to J10 or I have to add relays for contact shortening! Thank you in advance!   Frank midi.pdf Architecture.pdf
  2. Midibox_NG and kb_transpose

    Does it mean that there is no any possibility to scan the digital inputs on J10A and J10B? The minimum I will need is to switch on/off the "make is break" function separately for both keyboards. This week I am making the PCB. It would be necessary ti know if it is possible or not. Otherwise I will make this function by shortening of make and break buses by relays. 10 contacts for 73keys and 8 contacts for 61keys. It wirks because I have tried it on my Roland A33 controller!  Frank
  3. Midibox_NG and kb_transpose

    Do you think all the mentioned controls (in the midi.pdf) can be implemented in midibox_kb? Otherwise I have to use midibox_ng which has slower scanning frequency of the keyboards. 
  4. Midibox_NG and kb_transpose

    For better understanding, I have made an input bit map I want to use on Midibox KB board. It will be connected to Midibox NG board (16 outputs to 16 input bits).  The first 6 bits are used for octave transpose of 2 keyboards. The next 3 bits are used for Midi mapping of keyboards. The important part is that I want to make possible to split the lower keyboard exactly on place where 2 boards are splitted on the keybed.  Do you think can it be realized by the Midibox KB?  Thank you in advance Frank midi.pdf
  5. Midibox_NG and kb_transpose

    Hello, I havw been redirected to this topic by FantomXR. I have had questions about transposing (octave changes in - 2 to +2 range)  in runtime. It should be done by switches connected to inputs of midibox kb board.  I am building a 2 manual hammond clone based on GSI Gemini sound module. One midibox ng for storing/recalling of patches and scanning of buttons and pots, one midibox kb for managing if 2 keybeds( upper manual 61 keys, lower manual 73 keys). The project mechanically is ready, now I am prwparing the PCBs.  My additional questions are: 1. Is it possible to send data from one keyboard to two midi channels paralelly? I want to add layer option to the controller.  2. Is it possible to split the 73keyboard (it is made from 2 pcbs connected by 2 ribbon cables) tge split point is exactly where I need to have. The lower part should send data to Midi channel 3(assigned to pedal engine in Gsi module) and the upper part should send data to Midi channel 2(assigned to lower manual in Gsi module). This mode should be switched in runtime mode. When I switch off this mode the whole keybed should work whitout splitting and send Midi data to challen 1or 4. Thank you in advance
  6. Fast trigger option for organ keybeds?

    Hello,  thank you for the quick ansqer. It sounds good, therefore I have not to use realays shortening the make and break array.  Is there any script to set the midi channel for each keyboard and control it by switches?  Also I want to make possible to switch -2, - 1, 0, +1, +2 octave transpose, is it possible to control it from some inputs?    Frank
  7. Fast trigger option for organ keybeds?

    I have seen in the KB manual that there is an option to set fast trigger for the connected velocity keybeds. I will use 2 keybeds connected to the board.  Is there any possibility to switch on and switch off the fast trigger option everytime I am switching between piano or organ sounds on the sound module?  I think I will connect 2 switches (1 for upper and 1 for lower manual) to the digital inputs... When I need the fast trigger mode I will switch on, when I need velocity mode I will switch off the switch.  Thank you in advance!  Frank
  8. Hello,   I am building a 2 manual controller. I am using for upper manual a 61key Fater TP/8O and for the lower manual a 73 key Fatar TP/8O (on that manual the diodes are inverted-I had to do it because I have used it with a Roland controller board which had an inverted logic than the standard Fatar).  My questions regarding the Midibox KB: 1.Is it possible to reconfigure the controller during play (not at initializing) for example by activating/deactivating an input of the board: - configure to which output channel I am sending info from which manual (1, 2, 3, 4 or 1+4) - cinfigure low trigger mode separately for each manual (when I play organ sounds) - Adjust octaves +/- 1-2octaves - Configure pitch bend and modulation wheel - to which midi channel they are sending data (1 or 4, or both) - Configure sustain switch and expression pedal in -  to which midi channel they are sending data (1 or 4, or both) 2. How do I have to wire the connectors on the keybed with inverted diodes? - or it os better to resolder the diodes Thank you   Frank
  9. 2 manual controller

    You recommend to use core STM32F4 for both applications? I am little bit confused: 1. It is mentioned that the driver is optimized for LPC17 can it be used also for STM32F4 with the same scanning freq? 2. What is the difference btw. MidiBox NG and KB? Is it just firmware loaded to chip?   Frank
  10. 2 manual controller

    I have made the drawing of my modified concept.  1. The first board should be used to work with 2 keybeds and 1 pitch weel, 1 mod wheel, 1 sustain pedal and 2 expression pedals 2. The Velocity On/Off function will be solved by shortening of buses to scan the 1st and 2nd contact of the keys. It works because I am using it with my existing 73 key TP80 keybed. 3. The second board will be used for storing of 8x8x4 presets (for selection of presets I will use 8 bank+8 preset+4 variation buttons it means for selection of the new preset I have to press 3 buttons). The same buttos will be used to send simple program change parameters (8bank x8preset x 2variation for upper manual and  8bank x8preset x 2variation for upper manual ). For activating this mode I will need one more button. The rest of the buttons will be assigned to CC parameters. By selection of presets I will send prog change parameters to Midi Out 2 for Midi channel 1 and Midi channel 4 (this is preadjusted midi channel in GSI GEMINI for 2 sound engines). In the preset also will be adjusted that which potmeter and button to which CC parameter will be assigned) 4. The other function of the second module will be to convert receives key on/ key off messages(changing midi channel, changing octave - based on the selected preset) input Midi IN1 ---- output Midi OUT 1   Is it possible to program Midibox to provide the mentioned operations (module 2)?   Frank midobox-r1.pdf
  11. 2 manual controller

    I have another idea. I will use the KB app as it was designed with 61 key upper manual and 73 key lower manual. Upper will send datas on channel 1 and lower will send datas on channel 4. I will connect the midi out of this module to another module which will have 2 midi outputs. Midi out 1 should have the  function to Transfer and modify the datas from kb module based on the choosen preset for example: 1. From lower keyboard to change midi channel 4 to channel 2 and after split point to channel 3 2. Octave up and down function by changing for ex c1 to c2, etc. The midi out 2 will have the function to send program change and control change parameters based on choosen preset and based on the position of the potmeters and switches. Do you think is it possible? The other question: is it possible to configure the KB module to switch between velocity on and off mode based on some digital input to the module? If not I can do it simple shortening of 2 rows scanning the first and second contact of the key by relays. I have tried it with the existing master keyboard and it works. For 61 key I need 4 and for the 73 key I need 5 relays with double contacts.   Frank  
  12. 2 manual controller

    What is the reason that I can not use the app for key scanning? Could it work without the 61key manual (just 73 keys + switches and leds)? In that case I will not need the midi pcb because it will be enough only 1 MIDI output and if I am right it can be connected directly to the motherboard. Frank
  13. 2 manual controller

    Here is my concept. Do you think I need something more (see my 1st post)? Frank midobox.pdf
  14. 2 manual controller

    Thank you for reply. I want to have normal velocity response on both manuals because I plan to use it with Gemini module. In that case maybe it is better option to connect the upper manual to a separate board. It will not have any other functions just scan the upper keybed and convert it to midi. Gemini module has 2 midi inputs.  The Midibox will handle the lower manual and the functions I have mentioned in my first post. I hope it will be not a problem to handle all the buttons and the 73 key keyboard with the normal velocity response. I have Tp80 with 73 keys and ribbon cables. At the moment it is used for single manual keyboard (it is connected to the control board of an old master keyboard). It works however I do not like the functions of the original controller, this is the reason why I want to build the new 2 manual controller.   Frank
  15. 2 manual controller

    Hello,   I want to build a 2 manual controller for My GSI Gemini module. The configuration should be as follows: 1. Upper manual - 61 key Fatar TP80    - possible to send MIDI data on channel 1 or 4   - possible to work in Velocity ON and Velocity OFF mode (in that mode when key hits the first contact it will send note on message with velocity value 127 - used in organ mode)   - Octave Up/Down 2. Lower manual - 73 key Fatar TP80   - possible to send MIDI data on channels 1, 2, 3, 4 (max. 2 channels )in single, layer or split mode (split point selectable)   - possible to work in Velocity ON and Velocity OFF mode (in that mode when key hits the first contact it will send note on message with velocity value 127 - used in organ mode)   - Octave Up/Down in each layer 3. One Pitch wheel assignable to channel 1 or/and 4 4. One Mod wheel assignable to channel 1 or/and 4 5. One Sustain switch assignable to channel 1 or/and 4 6. Two Expression pedal inputs (Channel 1 and 4) 7. 44 analog inputs for pots (9+9+2 drawbars, 2 volume, 22 other pots) 8. 50 LED buttons (8+8+4 for bank/patch selection, 4 for percussion, 2 for vibrato, approx.24 other) 9. The controller should be able to store 8*8*4 patches with approx. 100 parameters per patch 10. 2 Midi Outs from the board   Is it possible to make this application by Midibox? Which core do you recommend to use? Which modules (configuration) I have to use?   Thank you in advance!   Frank