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  1. Midi forwarding with modification

    The mistake is only in my text however I have used the right command (see the enclosed example - I have changed only Button:1002 to LED:2002) but no response.
  2. Midi forwarding with modification

    I am trying to assign to one potentiometer more CC messages depending on the status of the Button or LED but there are 2problebs: Here is the program: # Reset to default RESET_HW AINSER n=1 enabled=1 muxed=1 cs=1 resolution=7bit EVENT_AINSER id=21 hw_id=21  if_equal=BUTTON:1002:127 type=CC chn=4 cc=7 ain_mode=Snap ports=1111110000000000 EVENT_AINSER id=221 hw_id=21 if_equal=BUTTON:1002:0  type=CC chn=4 cc=8 ain_mode=Snap ports=1111110000000000 DIN_MATRIX n=1 rows=8 inverted=0 sr_dout_sel1=1 sr_din1=2 sr_din2=1 button_emu_id_offset=1001 EVENT_BUTTON id=1002 hw_id=1002 button_mode=Toggle fwd_id=LED:2002 range=0:127  DOUT_MATRIX n=1 rows=8 inverted_sel=0 inverted_row=0 sr_dout_sel1=1 sr_dout_r1=2 led_emu_id_offset=2001 EVENT_LED id=2002 hw_id=2002 range=0:127   1. if I put as condition if_erqual=LED:2002:0 it does not respond.Is it possible to use LED as condition for EVENT_AINSER? 2. If I use as condition if_equal=BUTTON:1002:0 it Works. But I want to use both EVENTs in Snapmode, it means if I switch between them they will remember their previous status and when I switch back to them the pot will start to send CC values only in case when I reach this value. It seems that the snap function is connected to HW_ID not to the ID of the event. Any idea?
  3. Midi forwarding with modification

    Yes, you are right I have forgotten to change it from 1050 to 2050 when I have changed the addressing of leds to 2xxx. Now ir works.
  4. Midi forwarding with modification

    Here is the vide about led button matrix.  VID_20180805_162341.mp4
  5. Midi forwarding with modification

    The section from NGR:   if ^section == 23 if LED:2050 == 0 set LED:2050 127 else set LED:2050 0 endif endif   MIOS STUDIO response: [323893.111] [MBNG_FILE_R:454] ERROR: 'LED' not found in event pool by 'if' command! [323893.111] [MBNG_FILE_R:454] ERROR: invalid left value 'LED' in 'if' command! [323893.112] [MBNG_FILE_R:454] stopped script execution due to previous error! [323893.112] [MBNG_FILE_R_Exec] ERROR: (hw_id)LED:2050 not found in event pool at mem pos 0x8a7! [323893.113] [MBNG_FILE_R_Exec] ERROR: invalid left value at mem pos 0x8a7!  
  6. Midi forwarding with modification

    Thanks, it was the problem. Other limitation is that I can not use in NGR the function if LED:1001 == 0 it works only with Button. I think it is a huge limitation and could solve lot of my plans. Now I have to rethink the program solution.   
  7. Midi forwarding with modification

    The configuration line for DOUTmatrix is: DOUT_MATRIX n=1 rows=8 inverted=0 sr_dout_sel1=1 sr_dout_r1=2 led_emu_id_offset=1001   If I setthe LED1001 from NGR file: set LED:1001 127 it works.   If I set the LED1001 from NGC: EVENT_BUTTON id=1065 hw_id=1065 fwd_id=LED:1001 type=CC chn=1 cc=66 range=0:127 button_mode=Toggle ports=1111110000000000 it lights up 7 leds from the matrix.   Am I doing something wrong, or is there any other thing to adjust?
  8. Midi forwarding with modification

    Is it possible to use LED to store parameters? For example the Ain is sent to specified CC but paralelly it is sent to specified LED. When making a snapshot (stoting of parameters on SD card) then the parameters of the specified LEDs will be stored. When loading of stored data, they will be loaded to LEDs than itbwill be sent to CCs. In that case it would be possible to use one potentiometer for controlling of more CC parameters.  How to send at Event_Button or Event_Ainser the actual value to the specified LED? Fwd_id is sending the id or the value to the specified LED?  I have tried Event_Button id=1001 fwd_id=LED:1001 however it havent sent the acrual status of the button to the specified led in the led matrix but illuminated some group of leds in matrix. If I am setting LED 1001 in NGR file it eorks correctly. 
  9. Midi forwarding with modification

    I have used it in the kb section however finally used another function to solve my needs.  How fast is the switching to another ngc and ngr?  Do I have to do a  reset after switching(to start the ngc with hw reset) ? 
  10. Midi forwarding with modification

    The first think I want to solve is the basic functions, like: 1.sending Cc parameters from pots to different Midi channel depending on the combination af some buttons 2. Cycling the radiogroyp leds and cc by one button   etc, then the last step should be the storing/restoring of datas on SD card.  Of course that I have to know how to store the parametera because I have to build the ehole program to allow it.  As I am studying the documentation I am starting to have a feeling that the NG will be not possible to do all the functions I need.  Today I am returning from holiday and I will check all the functions. 
  11. Hello, is there any way to make a radiogroup of 4 LEDs which will be cycled by pressing of one button? Also I want to assign a CC parameter to each led. When  tbe led is off CC=0 will be sent, when led is on CC=127 will be sent The cycling should look like: 0000 1000 0100 0010 0001 0000  
  12. Midi forwarding with modification

    I think the bank mechanizme is not for storing of parameters on SD card, however I  think that it would be possible to solve many of my questions if there will be not just Bank 0-256 which means only 1 acrive bank in the same time. If there will be a possibility to split it to more smaller Banks like Bank1 to Bank 32 with 8 subbanks (it means 32 possible banks in the same time - in totalbthe same 256 positions) it will ne much more flexible. 
  13. Midi forwarding with modification

    6. I think It should be easier if the author of KB could tell the possibilities of Midibox KB. 
  14. Midi forwarding with modification

    I mean under point 5 the storing of CC, PCH and some internal adjustment parameters. It is basically approx 60 CC parameters, 1 PCH parameter and approx 6 Bytes for internal adjustment for MidiCHannel1 and the same for Midi CHannel 4, it means 2x64Bytes=128 Bytes per Patch. I am planning to store 256 Patches. When I want to load a Patch I can do it wit combination of 20 buttons 4x8x8 (like 4 Banks x 8 Patches x 8 Variations). The selection process will consist of pressing of 3 buttons, Pressing of the Variation button will close the process and will read the parameters of the selected Patch and send them to the MidiCH1 and 4. The potentiometers will work in mode that they will start to send parameters only in case the actual parameter is the same as adjusted from the memory. The internal parameters will be used for (Octave, Break is Make, Midi Mapping, Selection of Midi CHannel where the group of pots will send the parameters) On the panel I have only controls for 1 midi channel, if I want to send the parameters to Midi channel 4 I have to switch it by button then the same pots will send the parameters to Midi channel 4.   F  
  15. Midi forwarding with modification

    Hello,   Finally, all the pots and buttons are working. I have checked the leds too (they should work because I have tried the fwd_id function however it sends the binary value for 8 LEDS). I need to address each LED separately in the matrix. Which command or procedure I can use? Basically these tasks and questions are remaining(hopefuly): Make the control logic of the controller (selecting banks, assigning the knobs and buttons to Midi ch1 or 4 depending on button status, assigning of pots to CC depending on button status, sending PCH values, etc.) – probably in .NGR file Is it possible to assign a LED to a Button or CC status? How? Is it possible to make some register of values and not to send directly the CC and PCH but write them to the register, then send the register values to CC, PCH, LEDs. Probably I will need them when I want to save patches. Are the CC values remembered separately for each Midi channel? I need to send and store the same CC´s but with different values to MCH1 and MCH4. What is the procedure to write and read a group of the values(CC, PCH, register) to SD card? I want to make 256 memory positions storing approx 150 values each. This task is the part of the first phase of my project – how to receive sysex files in KB (not KB under NG) to schitch the Break is Make, Octave and Midi channel parameters?   I see not so high activity in answering my questions, but it would be very helpful if somebody could answer them!   THank you in advance!   Frank