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  1. AINSER parallax mode

    Nobody uses the Ainser in Parallax mode eith succes? 
  2. AINSER parallax mode

    Hello,   I am trying to understand the parallax mode of AINSER. I would like to use it, but in my case it works exactly as DIRECT function. In NGC I am configuring the AINSER and the forwarded 2 SENDERs:   AINSER n=1 enabled=1 muxed=1 cs=1 resolution=7bit pinrange=3:10:4055 EVENT_AINSER id=3 hw_id=3 fwd_id=SENDER:3 range=0:127 no_dump=1 ain_mode= Snap EVENT_SENDER id=3 hw_id=3 type=CC chn=1 cc=43 range=0:127 no_dump=0 ports=1111110000000000 EVENT_SENDER id=103 hw_id=3 type=CC chn=4 cc=43 range=0:127 no_dump=0 ports=1111110000000000   Based on the actual status of one button in .NGR I am activating Sender 3 or Sender 103 and copying its value back to AINSER. It works correctly with SNAP function but if I change the SNAP to Parallax it jumps directly to the actual status of the potentiometer when I move with it (like the direct mode). Can it be connected with the think that the AINSER works in range 0-4065 and the CC works in range 0-127? What is a correct solution? Frank
  3. Snapshot nodump=1

    Are the parameters of event saved if I adjust nodump=1? I would like to save all parameters/events and load them but make no any actions when I am loading the snapshot. I would write a short procedure in ngr to axtivate all parameters strp by step in specific order.    Frank
  4. Loading snapshot without triggering

    The other solution of my problem could be the loading of only few defined parameters not all the snapshot. In that case I could load parameters which are sgoring the program change numbers which I need to send the sound module than load the whole snapshot and send cc numbers automatically at loading. 
  5. 8x24 LED matrix

    Or?? DOUT_MATRIX n=1 rows=8 inverted=0 sr_dout_sel1=1 sr_dout_sel2=2 sr_dout_r1=3 sr_dout_r2=4 led_emu_id_offset=1001 it is 16x16 matrix, but basically should work too.....
  6. 8x24 LED matrix

    Just single color. 
  7. 8x24 LED matrix

    Is it possible to make a 8x 24 led matrix from 4xDO board? There is an example for 8x16 but the 4th shift register is not used, but I will need it to extend the matrix. 
  8. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Thank you There is project.hex file in the folder... I think this is something else and I have to download only the midibox file.  Is there any list of NRPN messages and explanation how to control it without lemur?  Also I will need some instructions how to configure the CV outputs, LFO and EG parameters and mod matrix. Does anybody have some info?  Frank
  9. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    I am planning to use it in my analog synth. I will have potentiometers and switches for all functions I need to control. I will manage them by MBNG board. The NG board will store the presets and will manage additional 24-32 simple CV outputs controlled by the pots. The more complicated functions as CV for VCO, EG generators, LFO and mod matrix will be managed by the CV V2 board with 8 CV outputs and Gater/Trigger outputs. Therefore I will not need a control surface connected to CV V2 just do some mapping of CC messages or NRPN and sending them from MBNG board. Do you think is it possible? I do not understand ... is there somewhere the HEX file? Can anybody send me a link or send this file? My project is in the status of planning (analog structure, mod matrix structure) The case is more less finished, just I have sent the chassis for painting. See photo! Frank
  10. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Is there any literature about midibox cv v2,  sw which I have to upload to the STM32 core, any configuration examples, etc. I have not found any information about it.  F  
  11. CV outputs in MBNG

    The CC outputs will be connected to ElectricDruid chips which have 8 bit input resolution and I want to use the whole range. Of course I do not need to solve this problem if I can connect 56 analog outputs to NG board but I think it is only 32/NG board, than I have to use another NG board and the remaining AOUTs will be connected to that board. There is possible to communicate via MIDI. If there is any solution to transfer 8 bit signal via MIDI this can be a solution (MSB+LSB).
  12. CV outputs in MBNG

    I am starting my next project, which is a patchable Model D clone controlled by CVs. I am adding extra LFOs controlled by CV. Totally I will need 48 8bit and 7 12bit CV, scan 48pots and 70 buttons in matrix, drive 250 leds, 50 direct outputs. Also I want to connect 4x20 character OLED display. I assume that for that number of IO I will need 2 NG boards. Is it possible to send MIDI CC parameters where 2 CC channels are merged and allowing of sending 8bit values?  The chassis is in progress.  Frank
  13. delay function

    No, I am sending sysex for switching On/Off the Break Is Make function. It causes that after switching the KB board is sending Note Off messages for all notes starting from 0 to 127. I do not need it but can do nothing with it.
  14. delay function

    That is a problem. No idea how to programming RTOS. My general problem is that from NG board I am sending 2 sysex messages to KB board which are changing the status of Break_Is_Make On/Off for keyboard 1 and 2. When I am sending the first message I need to wait few milliseconds because the KB board is sending note_off messages for each tone 0-127 at changing of the status of the Break_Is_Make (I need to ignore or process these messages). If I am putting delay in NGR between 2 sysex messages the NG board will start to process these received messages after delay time and it causes random note on messages.
  15. delay function

    Just one question about delay function and Sender/Receiver.  If I call delay function in NGR, are the Sender and Receiver working in the background during delay? It seems that during delay forwarding of midi events from Receiver to Sender are stopped.  Is there any solution to make delay between 2 functions in NGR without stopping of other running functions in the background?  Frank