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  1. You have no experience with fm programming? I encourage you to learn this before you plan too much. Basically u are strating in the wrong end. Darn, I'm afraid this makes a lot more sense that I'd like it to :-D Perhaps I'll give it a shot anyway, I just have to make peace with myself that I might have to do another one later ;)
  2. > Why do you want to make your own project with the ICs Because I like doing things my way ;-) From what I gathered I'd need all the MIDIbox stuff on top of the OPL3 board, which is a nice system if that's what one wants, but I just want my little single board with MCU on it, in the format I like, and all that. Also, I'd make it all-SMD. You got a point about reinventing the wheel. Especially because I have other projects ^^ But as I found the ICs on ebay and no salvaging of soundblasters was necessary, I could not resist ;-) Although the main effort for me would probably b
  3. Hey there! Remembering the good old DOS games sounds and the OPL3 chip, I got myself some YMF262 and YAC512. I also remembered the ucapps projects, which is why I'm here ;) Quite impressed what sounds you got out of there with the additional modulations etc. So I wouldn't mind being able to do both - recreate DOS games kind of sounds, and also some of the more "professional" sounding ones like in the ucapps demos. I want to make my own project with those ICs, though. Some people here probably have experience with using, as in, creating sounds, making music, with the OPL3. So hop
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