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  1. Display stopping Aoutng working

    Thanks for the reply, power was fine, 2 amps if needed, just sorted it out, I'm using the displays from Rapid Electronics, they have worked fine but when the Aout ng is connected it won't function, it is the RD 5 pin of the PIC, it won't drive both the display and Aout ng board, I've disconnected the display and have the Aout ng connected directly to RD5 and run the line to the displays through a 1K resistor and the display and analog out are both now working. Maybe the Rapid display's input's are pulling the line down too much, I'm no expert but the 1K works for me. Thanks again for taking time to reply, hope this helps someone else.
  2. Hi, tried to connect my Aout ng from my Midibox CV to my 1 year old fully working SEQ3 and found the Aout ng will only work when the core display is unplugged. Looking on the circuit they share the RD5 from the PIC. If I connect it to the display it stops the Aout ng from functioning but disconnected from the display and the Aout ng works? Is there anyone out there with any ideas as to how I get around this problem?
  3. Hi, has anyone got the Aout ng board working with Seq V3. The gates are working from the core but I,m not getting anything from the Aout ng. The Aout ng works running Midibox CV so I know the board works so I'm stuck.
  4. asm to hex

    you would laugh at the constuction, all on bits of boards my seq 3 is even worse, lots of ribbon cables hard wired and the switches are from an old IBM pc keyboard, works beautifully though, now I can integrate the d to a board on it now I know how to edit asms, thanks to you, I'll put some pics up,  and thanks again, Graham
  5. asm to hex

    Wow thanks, that was it, I was just putting the asm file on its own. I didnt realise you needed the other folders make has generated a hex file from my wordpad edited asm I am so happy I've tried most of the weekend, thanks for your help and perseverance  this is the hardest thing I've done  building the midibox seq3 was easier I guess I'm more of a hardware person thanks once again. Graham
  6. asm to hex

    Thanks again for your reply. I've called my asm file test and saved it straight to C drive to make it easier. i then typed cd C: // now after the green writting it says /c $  so I think I'm at the C directory and i typed make setup but got the message make: ***  No rule to make target "test. stop.  
  7. asm to hex

    I have MSYS, when I run it it brings up a screen like CMD but with a flashing $, don't know what to do with it? thanks again for your reply, I've ltterally spent about 5 hours reading last night and 3 this morning going round in circles and feeling totally dejected as to how I cant do a simple task
  8. asm to hex

    I have downloaded docuwiki seems to be a collection of files, dont know what to do with any of them.
  9. asm to hex

    Have abandoned MPLAB and read the  Quick Start Guide Toolchain Setup I can load the asm file in wordpad and edit and save it but which program do I need from those listed to create the Hex file from the ASM?
  10. asm to hex

    Been trying to use MPLAB followed some youtube videos to create a new project but when I try to build it I get the following   Debug build of project `C:\Users\gra\Desktop\New folder\tes.mcp' started. Preprocessor symbol `__DEBUG' is defined. Sun Dec 10 12:08:04 2017 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Make: The target "C:\Users\gra\Desktop\New folder\setup_j5_enabled.o" is out of date. Executing: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MPASM Suite\MPASMWIN.exe" /q /p18F452 "setup_j5_enabled.asm" /l"setup_j5_enabled.lst" /e"setup_j5_enabled.err" /d__DEBUG=1 Error[105]   C:\USERS\GRA\DESKTOP\NEW FOLDER\SETUP_J5_ENABLED.ASM 95 : Cannot open file (Include File "src/" not found) Error[129]   C:\USERS\GRA\DESKTOP\NEW FOLDER\SETUP_J5_ENABLED.ASM 96 : Expected (END) Halting build on first failure as requested. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Debug build of project `C:\Users\gra\Desktop\New folder\tes.mcp' failed. Preprocessor symbol `__DEBUG' is defined. Sun Dec 10 12:08:04 2017 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- BUILD FAILED
  11. asm to hex

    I thought it would be simple to convert an asm file to hex but it appears to be out of my depth.
  12. asm to hex

    Ive found the wiki page but cant find anything on a build environment? thanks for your help
  13. asm to hex

    I've built the hardware and programmed the PICs and loaded hex files from mios studio all ok but stuck on editing and saveing an asm file to a hex to load into the core.
  14. asm to hex

    I looked at the link but it not sure what I'm looking for?
  15. asm to hex

    I'm using windows 10 and have built a midi cv converter all the menus work but the Aout ng board needs to the asm file to be changed, this is where 'im stuck. thanks for your reply