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  1. Strange operation

    Having finished my Seq v4 (Wilba version), I am not slowly learning all the functions going through the manual. Every now and again, the 8 encoders and 8 buttons underneath on the right hand side so not work. Before I pull it apart and check for loose connections, could it be a button combination or something that causes this? Sometimes all I need to do is push a button or turn or click an encoder on the left hand side and all is good again. Sometimes it takes pushing a few buttons. By pushing, I do not mean firmly, but just normal function. Just occasionally some of the left hand side has this issue, on a random number of steps from the right. The first few steps are always ok.  The sequence will play all 16 steps OK. Any ideas please?
  2. Seq v4 Folder requirements?

    Thanks slo.   
  3. Seq v4 Folder requirements?

    I finished my Seq v4 yesterday and had an issue with error E131 D5 which I solved by adding a new directory which I learnt from another thread. While experimenting with, it looks like is needs a sysex folder and another folder (can't remember what that was for now). So my question is, is it documented anywhere what folders are required and if so how to create them? Thanks in advance.
  4. Quite pleased to have finished with relatively few issues. A big thanks to all those who posted build threads/blogs and the quick answers from others when needed! Now to learn it. 
  5. I found the solution in another thread which I have just tried and it has solved it. I had to create a new directory via MIOS studio.
  6. I just finished my build this morning (with the exception of some incorrectly supplied knob caps). All seems good so far as testing buttons, encoders etc, and this afternoon I will hook it up to some midi gear. However when I went to save a pattern , I get SD Card Error!!!  E131 FatFa: D 5. Can anyone help with this please?
  7. Ok, I have tried every permutation of their four holes and orientation of the LED for number 31. It is either permanently on or it doesn't light at all. Any suggestions please?
  8. Thanks, will install it tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the reply Slo. I have figured out all of the LED's so far (and working nicely) but I am still unsure about number 31. This has 4 holes. Am I right looking at the circuit above that it goes in the middle two holes? 
  10. Now some LED questions - orientation. For the 16 red/green leds, which way do the leds go in? From the top, the left holes are L1, L2 etc and the right holes S1, S2 etc.  For the red beat led, the holes are marked 1 and 2. Which way for this led? For the remaining green leds the holes are just L1/S1 etc. Same question. And which of the holes for led 31 are to be used? Thanks in advance for any help. Tim update: just need to find the led 31 orientation now.
  11. Powered up tonight, midi connected to a synth and it worked first time (once I realised I had to change the mid port from USB to midi). So happy and relieved. I still have the main encoder and LED's to add but will wait till the case arrives next week. A big thank you to all those whose guides gave me the courage to take this on. :-)
  12. Hi Peter, Many thanks for the quick reply. I was up the shed soldering the encoders when I saw your reply on my phone. I used the 470's since I don't have 220's, but I have spare 470's so could piggyback as you suggest if needed. Your thread and the other blog have both been so useful, thank you Peter and Nicholas. I have been hesitating for a couple of years about giving it a go but decided to take the plunge just before Christmas. I think I have now finished the soldering aside from the LED's. I will do these when I have the case (shipped today, so should get it early next week). Time to order some standoffs etc for the mounting. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Thanks, Tim
  13. Hi, This is my first build since my teens around 35 years ago so. Thoroughly enjoying it and likely to be the first of many projects from now on. I have almost finished my Seq v4, a basic version with 2 midi I/O boards, and have almost finished the Wilba CS board. I have a couple of questions though based on Hawkeyes thread and this blog:  https://niroke.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/an-unofficial-build-guide-for-midibox.html?showComment=1508576379601#c8456553481471882587 1) What value should R5A and R6A be?   Hawkeyes thread says 220ohm, but in the Mouser BOM it is two 220 ohm short for this but includes 2 x 470ohm resisters that I see no other use for. 2) The Mouser BoM for the CS board also lists 1 x 1kohm resister. What is this needed for? Any help appreciated please.
  14. Forced to reset password every visit

    Tried my username instead of the email and logged in fine. Thanks for the tip.
  15. Forced to reset password every visit

    I have been getting the same thing for the last couple of weeks. Password reset each visit.