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  1. MIDI IN help required please.

    Thanks for replying again. I just wrote a great long reply here, going through the steps, taking photos of the screens etc, when, and I don't know why, it is all working great again. I appreciate your time assisting :-) Keeping my fingers crossed all is good when I have a couple of hours for music this afternoon.
  2. MIDI IN help required please.

    At the moment I am just trying to get it to respond to MIDI in. The MIDI monitor shows data coming in ( and I know the MIDI signal is fine from the keyboard). I would like to be able to record MIDI in to the Seq from the keyboard. I would like to be able to have the MIDI pass through to play the synth(s) connected. I feel I am missing a simple setting somewhere. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon playing with the MIDI routing page but without success.
  3. MIDI IN help required please.

    I've been through the user guide and manual and am sure I have everything set ok. If there isn't anywhere else there is a setting I am missing, then I don't know what I am doing wrong.  
  4. Can anyone offer any suggestions please? I am still learning my Seq v4 (basic version) and am having trouble with MIDI in. I currently am just using MIDI in 1 and out 1. MIDI monitor shows MIDI is being received at the IN port however I have played around with the routing but I cannot get the MIDI to either have any effect on the sequencer steps or flow through to the OUT port.  I have gone through the settings in MENU -> MIDI with no luck. Do I need to set anything up elsewhere? Thank you in anticipation.
  5. Any way to transmit C -2 note?

    Thanks for the explanation Thorsten.
  6. Hi, Is there any way to transmit C -2 note? It seems to stop at C -2#. I am working how best to use the Digitakt as a sound module and just discovered in a very low octave it will trigger sounds from one midi channel (rather than each track using it's own midi channel). Unfortunately, Track one on the Digitakt needs C-2 note and he Seq v4 finished one semi tones higher.
  7. Strange operation - Solved

    Fixed the strange operation of the encoders. Started to strip it down, gave all the IC's a push and one had a little give before it was in firmly. Switched it on and perfect! Just the MUTE button stays on now. I found if I press the Pattern and then Song buttons, it clears it. EDIT Just solved MUTE issue with v4_094b
  8. Strange operation - Solved

    I've just been using it for a few hours and no problems until just now. Then suddenly the right encoders didn't work when I went to Edit Event. I had just come out playing a midi file (still testing the various functions). I went to pattern mode, changed a pattern on the left and now the right side is all ok again. Weird. EDIT: Also noticing that the Mute LED stays on for a while after leaving mute mode. 
  9. Strange operation - Solved

    Having finished my Seq v4 (Wilba version), I am not slowly learning all the functions going through the manual. Every now and again, the 8 encoders and 8 buttons underneath on the right hand side so not work. Before I pull it apart and check for loose connections, could it be a button combination or something that causes this? Sometimes all I need to do is push a button or turn or click an encoder on the left hand side and all is good again. Sometimes it takes pushing a few buttons. By pushing, I do not mean firmly, but just normal function. Just occasionally some of the left hand side has this issue, on a random number of steps from the right. The first few steps are always ok.  The sequence will play all 16 steps OK. Any ideas please? EDIT: When switching on, it is always OK, so I reckon it is a button combination I am making in error.
  10. Seq v4 Folder requirements?

    Thanks slo.   
  11. Seq v4 Folder requirements?

    I finished my Seq v4 yesterday and had an issue with error E131 D5 which I solved by adding a new directory which I learnt from another thread. While experimenting with, it looks like is needs a sysex folder and another folder (can't remember what that was for now). So my question is, is it documented anywhere what folders are required and if so how to create them? Thanks in advance.
  12. Quite pleased to have finished with relatively few issues. A big thanks to all those who posted build threads/blogs and the quick answers from others when needed! Now to learn it. 
  13. I found the solution in another thread which I have just tried and it has solved it. I had to create a new directory via MIOS studio.
  14. I just finished my build this morning (with the exception of some incorrectly supplied knob caps). All seems good so far as testing buttons, encoders etc, and this afternoon I will hook it up to some midi gear. However when I went to save a pattern , I get SD Card Error!!!  E131 FatFa: D 5. Can anyone help with this please?
  15. Ok, I have tried every permutation of their four holes and orientation of the LED for number 31. It is either permanently on or it doesn't light at all. Any suggestions please?