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  1. Hallo?! If you have any interest in sharing the details of this project, let me know. G.
  2. Hallo! I've just done my early verification with raspi + spi matrix converter, it seems to work. To syntetize the midi stream i've been using qsynth on the Raspi. I'd like to upload a shot oh my current workbench, but i was unsuccessful. G.
  3. In terms of code effort, my aim is to revork an existing code like this: http://jack-keyboard.sourceforge.net/ And to create the software layer to use my real keyboard rather than a virtual one.
  4. >>The MidiBox stuff doesn't use a Raspberry Pi - it uses a dedicated processor - the STM32F4 is recommended Yes, i've been reading something, however i'm considering the opportunity to do some with the Raspi. That is, using the Raspi Spi channels along with DIO_MATRIX Module as external interface to my keyboard. In that case, i could use directly the syntetizers normally embedded in a linux distribution. What do you say about that? G.
  5. Basically two questions: Does already exist on the net some sort of to develop at home the midi controller? I mean ribbon cables, pcbs Would be possibile to use the fit the raspberry PI using only a sampling circuit on the keyboard side? G.
  6. Morning! I'm new in this forum. I've subscribed because i'd like to return to life my glorius Fatar keyboard. After the internal midi controller died, i'm considering to realize my own device, i'm skilled enough to deal with firmawre, pcbs and so on. Are there anyone in this forum that could give me some tipps in order to speed up the development process? Bye, Gluca.
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