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  1. Hi I'm having trouble getting mios studio to execute on ubuntu mate 16.04.6 LTS it asks for ,says it's missing  version `CURL_OPENSSL_4' but I checked on synaptic package manager and libcurl3 provides that library in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ it also reports: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.27' not found (required by ./MIOS_Studio) Any ideas how i can get mios studio working so i can download the necessary hex file via midi to the core?   thanks.  
  2. Extra wires for core

    Hi I'm having trouble getting my core module working. I notice on the wiring instructions 2 extra wires are to be added to the core pcb. What pins do these 2 wires connect to? Thanks.
  3. How do I debug the core?

     Hi I flashed the PIC18F452 with the firmware and built the core. I'm testing it with 9v dc and a 5 volt lcd display but the lcd display is not lighting up but the voltage regulator is getting very hot, what procedure do I follow to debug? where do I look for faults first?
  4. The PIC18F4685 version on the walkthrough. Which pins on it connect to which pins on the iic midi module? Thanks.
  5. Hi Im at the stage of soldering the cables before 1st power up. What pins does iic midi module connect to which pins on core module please? Thanks.
  6. Hi please where is the link for the pic16f88 hex file to be flashed with the mbhp burner thanks.
  7. Hi i have a fault on my mbhp burner the clock pin is always at 5 volts even when clock is switched of in brenner software.   How is the pin turned on and off in the mbhp burner circuit please so i can diagnose. Thanks.
  8. Please where is the link to the bootlader firmware hexfile for burning on to the PIC18F4685 with the MBHP burner? Thanks.
  9. What are the ribbon cable connectors called on raechelt store that connect the modules i need the catalougue number thanks.