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  1. RTP MIDI System

    Both look and sound like very good solutions to the issues I'm having. I've got a while yet. I'm doing a renovation on my place. Literally stripping everything out to the concrete flooring and brick walls and starting again, so I don't anticipate actually re-wiring equipment for a few months at least.
  2. RTP MIDI System

    The reason why I don't do this is that my racks are a little bit too far apart for USB cables to really work as well as i can trust them and the Digidesign Midi I/Os are a little bit funny with cable lengths between the the PC and the units themselves so I try to keep the USB runs as short as possible so I have longer physical MIDI runs.   I want to go with RTP midi for several reasons. The main one being that the USB drivers for the Digidesign units are 32-bit only and haven't been updated since Pro Tools 9 was a thing and Apple are now trying to force the 64-bit world on us, so I'd kind of like to move away from that. Also, I want to move away from all the bulky midi cables and have much cleaner cable runs   Being limited to 8 in 8 out per box is a big limitation for me and I kind of need a way around that  
  3. RTP MIDI System

    Hi all,   Having browsed the forums regarding RTPMidi, etc I've finally decided to look at giving it a go on my end. My current setup consists of 6 Digidesign midi i/os (giving me 60 MIDI in/out split across two computers) and a Motu midi 128 (giving me 8 in/8 out). Currently, I have custom built MIDI multicore cables connecting my PC rack with the Digidesign and Motu i/o to my synth and effects rack. As I understand it, the RTPMidi board supports 16 virtual cables which I'm guessing equates to 8 in and 8 out or does it mean 16 in and 16 out?  Ideally what I'd like to do is create a couple MIDI to RTPMidi boxes that I can put in my synth and effects racks so that I can connect all my MIDI gear to my PCs with just ethernet cables rather than my bulky multicore cables. What I want to know is the feasibility of this. I have very good manufacturing skills, but my design and programming skills are a little bit lacking so any help would be appreciated here.   Many thanks   Dan