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  1. Back from the dead!

    That sounds about right, pretty sure my PCBs have TK's name written on them :) Just been looking through all the different projects...psyched to get this under way! I was just about to ditch all my old outboard effects but after finding these projects I think I will hold onto them so I can use them for what I originally got them for!   As for the Midibox FM....I remember looking back in the day (with no success) for an old sound card that would have the chips required...I did a search just then on ebay and found this:   What are the chances some chips out of china would be functional?
  2. Back from the dead!

    Awesome to hear, thanks for the responses guys! I am a bit confused though...back then, and I am going on old memories...I thought it was a synth developed by a single guy, and a few different people printed his PCB designs? Now it sounds like there are multiple designs for making a DIY sid chip synth?
  3. Back from the dead!

    Hi all :) So....over 10 years ago when I was at uni studying music, I discovered the SID Synth DIY projects and started one....unfortunately I ran out of time and ended up in a job that was too full on, and the whole thing got boxed up and stuffed into storage at my parent's place. A lifetime has gone by since then...but a few days ago I found my old project (was turning a cigar box into a mini MIDIBox SID) in its original state. I had forgotten this stuff exists....I was sad to see a lot of is 404 these days, but stoked to see these forums are still kicking along. My question is....are these still a viable project? I haven't done music in years, but would be really keen to build this thing again. I don't trust my soldering skills from 10 years ago, and remember NOTHING of what I've set up, but I can see I still have the 6581 chip sitting in the main board. I'd probably want to start everything again, but who makes the PCBs these days? Sorry if these are obvious questions...I'm just stoked to find the thing and finally have a chance to finish it and make some new tunes! :D