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  1. Problem solved. I left a comment in the GitHub issue but here is a copy of it for convenience : I installed the toolchain found here : http://www.midibox.org/mios32_toolchain/ ( as I should have from the beginning but I got wary when I saw it was last updated in 2013 ) and everything works fine now but for a few warnings. Apparently the newer arm toolchain doesn't define the _DEFUN,  _AND and _CONST macros ( and a bunch of other ones too ) in _ansi.h.
  2. Oops, Silly me, an issue was already opened on the GitHub repo site : https://github.com/midibox/mios32/issues/3 Maybe better to focus efforts there. Julien
  3. Hey Phatline, Thanks for the quick answer. No, I just tried to compile the first tutorial project in apps/tutorials/001_forwarding_midi and the app skeleton in apps/templates/app_skeleton. Both projects give the same error. Thanks, Julien
  4. Hello everyone, I am completely new to MIDIbox. I am trying to get the first tutorial to compile under Ubuntu 18.04 for Core 32 STM32F4 and get the following error message :   > make -s Creating object file for strtol.c /home/sojastar/Documents/Programmation/MIOS32/mios32/programming_models/traditional/strtol.c:147:19: error: expected ')' before '(' token  _DEFUN (_strtol_r, (rptr, nptr, endptr, base),                    ^~                     )   This is from a fresh ( probably faulty ) install of the toolchain : I first cloned the git repo for MIOS32 then installed the latest arm toolchain following these instructions : https://gnu-mcu-eclipse.github.io/toolchain/arm/install/ I did add the toolchain path to my PATH. Any advice or pointer would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks ! Julien