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  1. Sure, I read it through, I'm not SO new user, and the manuals are always the first thing for me to read through, even before I have practically the gadget in front of me :-) I also have the shortcut to Jam page on one of the F buttons, the other being the Record The problem I have it that the Note Lengths are sometimes recorded erratically. So if I play short notes, they get long or gliding to the next. And when this happens, the notes always get longer, never shorter. But it also happens that while recording via MIdiIn the note entered first gets cut-off at Monitoring, though they get
  2. Hi! I'm quite new to the MidiBox v4, just learning the usage and work-flow, find it a great and deep machine (thanks TK!). Using OS v. 4+0.95 I have an issue with it that the Live recording of notes from MIDI In keyboard is sometimes weird. I try to record some Notes from a connected MIDI keyboard via MIDI IN, but the recording has different note-lengths than played, and also it happens often that some notes are missed in the recorded pattern. Also I didn't find the options to change Recording mode from Replace to Add, so the notes are not replaced when the play pointer returns to
  3. Thank you @Hawkeye !!! All the best wishes!!!
  4. @latigid on Thanks for the point, we tried with Wilba HWconfig, and it works! What a relief... But in some forum post it was written that the Modularaddict board is for the Standard HW config. Some good concise guide would be nice for the whole project
  5. Measured the resistor network – they seem fine, every pin has 10k to the common pin. So the resistor network seems correct by measuring them. And it is 101 (bussed)... It turned out the store mixed up the IC for the STM32F core (they gave us not the IC1 74HCT541, but 74HCT154). We bought the correct ICs, replaced them, but no luck, it gives the same erratic behaviour - buttons not triggering the right commands or pages... Any idea how we can troubleshoot the source of the problem?
  6. Hi! We are building MIDIBox v4 from the PCBs ordered from Modular Adict https://modularaddict.com/midibox-seq-pcb But could not find the instructions for this exact board (just Wilba's), and now we have a problem that it sends out weird messages to the STM32F4 core. The unit starts up fine, but as soon as any button is pressed or encoder turned, the screen gets weird characters and it seems all the controls are messed up. We suspect the Resistor network might be the problem, that is not the same specification as needed, we used this: https://lomex.hu/pdf/(bou)_4600_serie.pdf A
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