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  1. Hi, I im trying to run simple character lcd, without core module, but keep getting some random chars, or even just blocks, but it keeps blinking. I followed schematic from uCApps page for STM32F4, but the part to set Luminance i dropped and simply connected it to ground, Could be this a problem ? Tried to connect from scratch everything a few times, but still getting the same error... Please, if anyone has a tip what could be the problem, mine is that as i am lame at electronics, somewhere is connection problem maybe, im bit confused about the resistor array. Here is a video showing the behavior of LCD https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CPgCp6t-rewshbGq7Yprdonu_htadADo Thanks, Martin
  2. Hi, First of all big thanks for this amazing project you guys created, Im having few troubles,when Im trying to make tutorial project 020_lcd, readme says that i should export my LCD path to clcd, but in modules theres no folder like that. So make fail. Should it be compiled with universal in LCD path ? Second question, i have one HD44780 display with pcf8574 I2C (i hope so it is I2C) chip leftalone, is there in MIOS chance to use it ?  cause it could really help if I can run this display because of my clumsy soldering skills and bad knowledge about electronics. Thank you for answering, Martin