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  1. Hi, Thanks for the answer. After discussing with the seller. It seems he did sid bench test, but didn't record the signal, and don't used a spectrogram. So i assume the end of the test was faulty and he didn't heard it. What else cuould it be, i don't think the capacitor can completely remove the filter if set wrong, also putting back the swinn sid, no problem. Does someone has experience with these one ? Does it worth buying them, do they all die with time, or certain can works endlessly ? The sound of the real one is way ahed the swinnsid.
  2. Hi, I've just bought two piece of these. I'm facing an issue in the filter section. There isn't any cut off or resonance working in all filter mode. The only thing i could get is a light volume increase at somepoint. I use the 6581 motherboard setting and capacitors. It's look like the filter section of these chip are defective ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,
  3. Hi, Can make errors, but it seems that the one shot mode is linked to the modulation matrix. In multi mode as there isn't modulation matrix, this parameter hasn't to be shown in the menu. Also in the env menu in the multi mode, it seems that the midi sync isn't shown, but is available and work with sysex. Have a good day, Rgds,
  4. Hi, I would like to modify the sysex implementation. Does someone know the file to modify in the midibox_sid_v2_044 package ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,
  5. Hi, Should it be possible to have preset of instruments in this mode with Os code modification? Like Note 1 ins 1 preset (Tone) 1 then note 2 Ins 1 preset (Tone) 2 ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,
  6. Hi, The sammichSID is working now. Setting confirmed: Sammich motherboard chip type 8580 (JP set to 8580 JBP without shunt) + 4*Capacitor 22nf (8580) + swinsid (J1 not shunt, J2 shunt) Is it normal that the output is very high ? Also when changing the volume on the VST, it doesn't seem to work, it's like a mute ? Thanks in advance, Rgds,
  7. Hi, I'm facing another big issue. The swinsid whose comes with the kit aren't programmed. The kit to program them cost more than a sid chip. Can i use only one real 6581 chip on the sammichSID ? Also to test the device, can i power all the unit without any sid chip and capacitor, only the pic and all other CI ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,
  8. Hi, Can you confirm: Sammich motherboard chip type 8580 (JP set to 8580 JBP without shunt) + 4*Capacitor 22nf (8580) + swinsid (J1 not shunt) J2? ? Sammich motherboard chip type 6581 (JP set to 6581 JBP shunt) + 4*Capacitor 470pf (6581) + swinsid (J1 shunt) J2? ? It's absolutely not clear for me because the swinsid works in 5VDc, but the sammich send 9v (8580) or 12v regulated (6581), never 5v. Iif voltage doesn't concern, i could set the sammich in 8580 voltage (less power and easier jumper setting), put the good capacitor regarding the chip filter, and just set the
  9. Hi, I'm close to finnish the sammichSID. Regarding the original chip, it cannot mix several one so will go with two 6581. Meanwhie i got two swinsid nano. I know there is two jumper one for setting the filter type, and the other for the output voltage. I suppose the output voltage setting isn't needed for the sammichSID ? On the sammichSID i can select the chip type. Does i have to select the same type as on the swinsid ? Does i need to put the capacitor with the swinsid ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,
  10. Hi, I know that the sammichFM can do 4 instruments of 6 voice polyphony + rythm voice. Can it behave like the a sound blaster pro2 (18 independent op in midi) for using it with adlib tracker for example and potentially dos game ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,
  11. Hi, Your right, but i plan to use it like an electron (multi mode) so i should have 6 separate channel and use the 8580 for more clean sound and the 6551 for more dirty sounds and the playback of asid, normally if correctly assigned, they shouldn't play an unappropriated sound on the them, only if i told them to do so! In the other mode, if i cannot reduce the polyphony to only one or the other chip, i will of course have unbalanced sound. Rgds,
  12. Hi, Yes it seems that the sammich kit comes with an ac/dc 12V adapter which permit the use of all type of sid and the swansid and the motherboard has a jumper to select the sid type so i assume that it also select the right voltage. As it wasn't shown in the kit detail, i have asked the question here in case of need to buy power supply separately but it furnished in the kit (110v/220v ac/dv 12V) Yes, if someone could add the option in the logical configuration, it would be great, and i won't have to modify physically the device. For the moment i plan to put a dark tape on them.
  13. Hi, Don't found any kit for the mb6582 only some parts on the web, but it's to expensive and to far from the original. Found thanks to the ..... the sammichSID link, and as i'm crazy, i bought one, afraid of finding no-more ones, but i hope it won't stop because long live to real sid (6581 & 8580) the best synthesizer included in a computer/console for it's time. It's seems that with this diy i will be able to come back in the 80's demo scene time with by time replacing the digital copy by a 6581 & a 8580. Hope someone will spend time in manufacturing these two gems
  14. Hi, Thanks for the informations. The MB6582 as sammichSID are to expensive for me for the moment. Plus the assembly work! Can you provide the links for the sammichSID kit on ebay ? I could try to do it myself? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,
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