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  1. sammich fm feature question

    Hi, I know that the sammichFM can do 4 instruments of 6 voice polyphony + rythm voice. Can it behave like the a sound blaster pro2 (18 independent op in midi) for using it with adlib tracker for example and potentially dos game ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,  
  2. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    Hi, Your right, but i plan to use it like an electron (multi mode) so i should have 6 separate channel and use the 8580 for more clean sound and the 6551 for more dirty sounds and the playback of asid, normally if correctly assigned, they shouldn't play an unappropriated sound on the them, only if i told them to do so! In the other mode, if i cannot reduce the polyphony to only one or the other chip, i will of course have unbalanced sound. Rgds,
  3. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    Hi, Yes it seems that the sammich kit comes with an ac/dc 12V adapter which permit the use of all type of sid and the swansid and the motherboard has a jumper to select the sid type so i assume that it also select the right voltage. As it wasn't shown in the kit detail, i have asked the question here in case of need to buy power supply separately but it furnished in the kit  (110v/220v ac/dv 12V) Yes, if someone could add the option in the logical configuration, it would be great, and i won't have to modify physically the device. For the moment i plan to put a dark tape on them. As it told in the kit, these light are for blink purposes, i don't like to much leds, and don't need blink option, only a elektron like device (A twin elektron like device in this case)! Thanks, the kit is arrived, need to buy soldering iron... Question: 6581 is the most used chips, but sound not as the developer wanted, 8580 is the chips which satisfy the developer but it came too late and special tunes, specially the sampled ones, sound weird. (alternatively some 8580 tunes sound weird on the 6581 but there are no so common) Elektron is equipped with a 6581. 2*6581 - 2*8580 - 6581 + 8580. (Of course two sammichSID is the solution but, cannnot use this option) What would you use A, B or C ? (it seems that the 6581 + 8580 was widely used in the demo scene) Have a good day, Rgds, Ps: For the future buyers, the kit comes from hong-kong, taxes are requested in some country putting the device at a little higher price, and the add don't mention it clearly.  
  4. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    Hi, Don't found any kit for the mb6582 only some parts on the web, but it's to expensive and to far from the original. Found thanks to the ..... the sammichSID link, and as i'm crazy, i bought one, afraid of finding no-more ones, but i hope it won't stop because long live to real sid (6581 & 8580) the best synthesizer included in a computer/console for it's time. It's seems that with this diy i will be able to come back in the 80's demo scene time with by time replacing the digital copy by a 6581 & a 8580. Hope someone will spend time in manufacturing these two gems again! Digital is just a mathematical approach of a real thing, and never in any analogue domain, will be the digital able to reproduce the real thing. (As my favourite studio director says, digital is pixel, no matter how many pixels you have, there will always be space between them. ! completion by me! it is just good as control/tracking purposes on analogue (semi/analogue) machines) Anyway, those digital copy comes in handy to make/test the device and wait that my wife stop hitting me to buy the real sound chips.   Question: Do anyone have a link for a supply useable on the sammichSID, which permit me to use the 6581 & 8580 (and the swinsid) ? Also, is it possible to switch off the leds on the top of the control surface ?   Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,  
  5. Hi, also interested.
  6. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    Hi, Thanks for the informations. The MB6582 as sammichSID are to expensive for me for the moment. Plus the assembly work! Can you provide the links for the sammichSID kit on ebay ? I could try to do it myself? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,        
  7. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    Hi, No timeline. Preference ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,  
  8. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    Hi, I'm interested in a midibox sid V2 (whitout the sid). Does someone is able to build one? Thanks in advace, Have a good day, Rgds,  
  9. Newbie questions

    Hi, First of all, i would like to tell that this web site is marvellous in terms of diy.gears. I was looking for an elektron sid station, but as you know no more spare part are provided by the company as technical documents, and the price was/is to high for what it is! I've looked from alternative solution and it's seems that in the diy world, this one is the more versatile solution. Questions: There are several engine mode, but i'm interested in the expander like mode (Sid station, tx81z, sy77, etc..) - Does the device has this mode? (it's seems that this the multi mode) I would like to use it with a daw (cubase) for sequencing, a midi controller for real time editing (sysex), and with this one also the on-board reel time control. Also it's seems that the device come with 8 sids! It is possible to do 8*3, 12 midi tracks, with 12 independent voice (each voice has his instrument except for the common parameters) ? It's seems that the multimode handle only 2 sid, but it can have 4 core, so it's unclear for me. Is it also possible to mix voices (eg: midi track 1 control voice 1-6-12) ? Does the midi out, thru, device model, id, control channel are implemented to chain it with other expander without communication issues specially for the sysex ? Is it possible to work with sysex for the device operation (load/save bank/instruments, common parameters,etc) ? Also it's seems that there is a sequencer, and several software add-ons (lfo, etc?), does the device can control itself and other expander like a 12 track sequencer ? Is there some people making device ready to sell ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,