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  1. Actually I just found this part of the documentation, which appears to answer both of my questions. In case anyone else doesn't see this on the MIDImerger page, I'm quoting it here for discoverability:  
  2. I'd like to cascade 2x MIDImerger so I effectively have a 3 -> 1 merge. I saw via this post that someone has already done this, and it was successful: In that post, they mention that both mergers share the same power supply. Is it possible to simplify it further? For example, if I'm using 2x PIC16F88 and have PIC #1 -> PIC #2: Can I omit the 6N138 on the cascaded input between the two PICs and connect TX from PIC #1 directly to RX of PIC #2? I should only need one Power LED and only the second Tx LED. Can I just leave pins RB0 / RA1 of PIC #1 disconnected? This is the schematic I'm looking at from this page Thanks!
  3. Can someone burn 4x PIC16F88 chips for me with the 1.5 firmware from this page I want to build a few MIDImergers! I'm in USA (near Boston, MA) Thanks!