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  1. @Hawkeye, i am more than happy to accept your offer :) , it will be on good hands and will for sure make the musical nights more interesting. i will send you a message Many thanks, Claudiu
  2. hi, was just into placing an order for the seq V4 pcbs but the modularAddict site is of no help at the moment, was wondering if there are any other sources for this boards, or whether there are any gerber files around. the nearest i came in today*s search is this guy*s development of the project (http://ksir-diy.blogspot.com/2016/07/seq-v4.html), was wondering if anyone here is willing to share some more light as i am pretty sure there are others with same issues as mine these days. Yes, i would prefer the Wilba frontpanel as i got a bit familiar with it while caressing a friends* midibox; Tha
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