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  1. giving away my old sequencer 2 (not working)

    great! received and replied to the mail! :)
  2. I just discovered that my old sequencer 2 (built in 2004) is not working anymore. there is power, the screen lights but nothing happens I have tried to open it to see if there is something wrong but it's a complete mess... moreover i did not used it since years and i am not planning to use it anymore. trying to repair it would mean to waste a lot of time for me. i'm giving it away to anyone willing to pay at least the shipping costs (i'm in italy). i would really prefer not to trash it... you can recycle the case, the encoders, the 2xLCD (don't think they are backlight) and some ucapps boards (and whatever you like!) here are some photos of its construction: if you can contact me directly by email (matteo at alchemystudio dot it)
  3. Around the world in 80 instruments

    hi again! I published the album on soundcloud, too: share and repost the songs through your networks! :)
  4. Around the world in 80 instruments

    thanks! :) glad yuo liked it
  5. I would like to share with you my latest release: "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 INSTRUMENTS"   More informations here:   Reason is that I have used the midibox SID and the Sequencer in one of the songs, named "Postcard from space":     The project comprises 13 video-songs in which I play 80 instruments, mostly acoustic, and collected around the world.   This is the project description: I collect music instruments since 2001, when I went to India for the first time during my PhD. The very first traditional instrument I purchased was a sitar: it has a wonderful sound and immediately reminds of distant cultures and places. Just a few notes are sufficient to depict a distant country... During the following years I had the occasion to visit many countries, both for work and for leisure. Each time, when I got in touch with a different culture with its own musical traditions, I have tried to find some very typical musical instruments. So, during my travels and over the years, I collected a lot of instruments: several of them are very ethnic and have their own story about how I found them and how I purchased them. You can read some fun notes following the songs and the links you will find in these pages. My general idea was to collect cheap and "odd" instruments, that I can maybe use in my productions to give a distinct sound and a particular colour. I also built a couple of instruments following some ideas I have in mind. But I also have a lot of other "standard" instruments purchased in Italy at flea markets and in shops. Some other ones are part of my life and of my "musical history". I began to use these instruments in my songs and one day, in 2013, it came to my mind the idea to make some videos of myself playing my instruments, and to specifically compose songs to blend them together. I decided to put together sounds from cultures very distant from each other, both culturally and geographically. I decided not to follow any music-philological direction. I just played what it came to my mind in that particular moment, expressing my feelings and my musical ideas. I made very different songs, not confined to a specific genre. Counting all my instruments, I realized that I have more than 80. I admit that in a single case, I asked a friend to lend me a specific instrument that I missed but that was absolutely needed to complete a song. Eighty musical instruments from the whole world. And 13 songs that usually reflects memories of travels, ideas of distant lands, foreign cultures and traditional sounds, and depicts original atmospheres and soundscapes. I finally decided to board on a musical journey around the world. Following the steps of Willy Fog in the novel of Jules Verne, I named my project "Around the World in Eighty Instruments": follow me and enjoy this musical trip! Download from bandcamp: Youtube playlist: I'll be happy if you share my project in your networks! :smile:
  6. [S] considering to sell my old midibox

    I have replaced my old keyboard, acutally with a nektar panorama p6. i'll remove the midibox in these days, if someone is interested (also maybe in recovering the parts) it's available!
  7. i'm planning to upgrade my old midi keyboard with a new one (akai mpk 261), that will have onboard controllers. this means that my midibox, build on 22/5/2005, will not be needed anymore. is there anyone who would like to buy it?? it was built in a wooden case, it has 16 encoders, 16 pots, 1 joystick, 15 buttons on board and 2 external button controllers (one derived from a joypad). i mounted a single led-ring that indicates the state of the encoder you are moving. the display is not back-lit   maybe some encoders / pots need some replacement because they jitters a bit...   inside there is also a midibox-merger because my midi keyboard was connected to the midibox before the PC, so the box has 2 MIDI inputs and 1 output   I sold it "AS-IS", don't expect any assistance if something goes wrong! :-P It has 1 bankstick with 8 presets but i think i have some spare chip to add more banks. the core is a PIC18F452IP it comes with NO power supply!   i really don't know how much it is worth so if you are interested make an offer...  consider that shipping to europe means adding about 20€ for the shipping.
  8. hi! I have the old SID 1.9f i would like to record MIDI automation generated by the SID Itself, while i'm moving the knobs. is it possible?? it has been a long time since i have used it the last time so i cannot remember! :smile:
  9. hi! i have a GM5x5x5 midibox midi interface which works well   i have just bought a used korg nanokontrol and i'm trying to install it but it does not work. i see the driver and the nanokontrol is recognized by windows, but i don't see any MIDI I/o port.   i though about an issue with the ploytec MIDI driver.   i have tried the nanokontrol on another PC without the gm5x5x5 driver installed and it works.   is anyone using the nanokontrol with the gm5 interface?????   i'm on win7 64 bit the the driver for the OS is officially supported by korg.  
  10. sale request - AC sensorizer

    any one interested in this?? :whistle:
  11. sale request - AC sensorizer

    Due to continuos inactivity, i would like to sell my midibox AC sensorizer with 2 distance sensors, 1 spectral symbol ribbon control (I have also a second ribbon somewhere, with a different length) and a pressure sensor (sensym DX01G2 - the box is built on protoboard inside a common electronic project box. you can see some example here. this was the original thread of the construction: (here the ribbon controller part is outdated: i replaced the custom controller with the spectral symbol one) If permission of sale is given, I will post some more photos and details. Dont' know about the price... I prefer selling in europe using paypal or bank transfer.
  12. trade: stuff for a built MBHP_CORE_STM32

    i will trade them also for other music stuff, even old... if you have something you don't use it may be of interest! ;)
  13. Did anyone adapted this project to midibox?? Turning an old hard disk drive into a rotary input device
  14. ok, i'm trying... :) i have several PIC from old projects which i do not use anymore, and some SIDs. I also have a built MIDI-thrubox somewhere (1 midi IN, several midi OUT - it's not a midibox) , now replaced by the GM5x5x5. plus a display (not backlit). I will trade them for a built MBHP_CORE_STM32, so that maybe i will upgrade the sequencer from 3 to 4 with a small effort. Really, i do not time and willingness do build it from scratch! :) I have to offer: 1 SID 6581 R3 taken from a commodore 128 1 SID 6581 1 PIC 18F4628 2 PIC 16F877 1 PIC 18F452 2 PIC 18F4685 1 display, not backlit, should be 20x2 1 softpot, linear, from spectralsymbol, 50 cm long (i will not use this things anymore!) the miditrhubox should work, it is like this project: (not exacly this). But it is without power-supply: it was power directly the PC thru the joystick port, but it is not difficult to modify. I have the schematics. if you may be interested, contact me for the details...