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  1. Another MB-6582

    Ok, thank you for your help :) I will do that this evening if i have time to.
  2. Another MB-6582

    Hi, i've moved the right and left SIDs, it still sounds lower on the left. This is not the sid. I visually checked all resistors near the SID and the audio out. I'll check them with my multimeter. For the difference of volume i don't know how to tell you the difference :) It's really low, there is a real problem.
  3. Another MB-6582

    photos IMG_5641.JPG IMG_5643.JPG IMG_5641.JPG IMG_5643.JPG
  4. Another MB-6582

    photos IMG_5633.JPG IMG_5634.JPG IMG_5636.JPG IMG_5639.JPG IMG_5633.JPG IMG_5634.JPG IMG_5636.JPG IMG_5639.JPG
  5. Another MB-6582

    Photos IMG_5627.JPG IMG_5629.JPG IMG_5632.JPG IMG_5627.JPG IMG_5629.JPG IMG_5632.JPG
  6. Another MB-6582

    It's OK for my oscillator number 1 LED, link to saw waveform was broken. I've made a bridge. I've replaced the audio buffer BC547, re-checked everything around but sid four left channel still sound lower ??? I'll have to work on it.
  7. Another MB-6582

    Yes this blue light is cool but it's to bright, et hurts my eyes :) I'm going to put 1k ohm resistors to solve this. We'll see if the led will still light the knobs after.
  8. Another MB-6582

  9. Another MB-6582

    Thorsten: Oups! :D Sorry, i didn't understand it like that. I made my tests with a stereo header and i didn't even think to try side by side. When playing drums i thought it was a panning setting of the different instruments... shame on me :D Wilba: I'll check this this evening. I also will make some extra photos. Thanks!
  10. Another MB-6582

    I've finished it about 2 weeks ago, but had no time to make a report. I didn't take time to make photos during assembly :P I first made a 4 x 6582, 2 x 8580 and 2 x 6581 config but i found it too noisy so i bought 4 other 6582 from Wilba. LEDS are very bright, i have to buy 1k ohm resistors to fix this. I have some strange things to fix: - LED 1 from oscillator section doesn't lit. I've replaced it and checked everything around but found nothing wrong. - left side from SID 4 sounds lower than the other ones. I've also checked everything but not found what is wrong. I also have a question: - on the four sids (not on the 4 because i've something else to fix) when playing a single bass drum (bd1) i hear it louder on the left side. I thought it was "Vas" setting but i can't find how to set this. Perhaps it is normal working? More questions coming later, it's hard for me to translate, school is far, my english is bad :P
  11. Switchs MB-6582

    Y'a pas de quoi ;) J'ai bien failli valider ma commande hier soir, je lui avait même demandé les frais de port pour la France... Puis j'ai préféré lui demander confirmation de la hauteur totale car j'ai vu que quelqu'un s'était fait avoir sur le forum. Le moins cher ça reste encore Farnell je pense, j'ai cherché toute la matinée et j'ai pas trouvé mieux.
  12. Switchs MB-6582

    Salut! Merci de ta réponse, mais j'ai contacté ce vendeur hier et il s'avère que ces switchs ne sont pas les bons, c'est le capuchon qui fait 13mm. Il font donc environ 17mm au total avec le corps du switch. J'ai craqué, j'ai commandé chez Farnell... 50 switches et 50 diodes 1n4148 pour 38€ frais de ports compris. C'est cher mais c'est pas non plus la ruine :)
  13. Switchs MB-6582

    Salut! Je cherche désepérement en Europe des switchs pour ma surface de contrôle de MB-6582 (ALPS part SKHHDTA010). J'ai fait Conrad, Farnell, Reichelt (mais je ne capte rien à l'allemand). Une commande chez mouser c'est 20€ de fdp + douanes, non merci. Si quelqu'un à un plan pour ces switchs ou équivalent! :D
  14. Received this morning. I had to pay 47€ taxes (cs pcb & base board pcb + kit) total = 153+47 = exactly 200€
  15. Same question as jovius. For France shipping is 32,97$ Thanks a lot for this great news :)