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  1. Power supply from directly from MIDI cable

    Due to my simple design (I need only to send midi CC by 3 switches), with a little battery, using a 16f88 and managing sleep/wakeup interrupt modes could be an option. What do you think?
  2. Power supply from directly from MIDI cable

    I thought to use a standard midi cable, supplying the power to pic usign the "20mA current loop". Maybe using a low power microPIC I can do this...
  3. Hello, is there a way to power supply the pic core module (simply used to trigger midi event from 3 switches and without display) directly from MIDI data cable? I have a MIDI SOLUTION midi Merger 2x2 (based on PIC) wich not requires external power suppply!!! How is it possible? Thank you Emanuele
  4. Hello, I'm looking informations to build a system for MIDI retrofitting my Fender Rhodes. I'm planning to build a system like PNOSCAN (http://www.qrsmusic.com/storyclark-p.asp?pg=1&cid=51&pid=3394) by myself. What do you think is possible this using the CORE_STM32 ? This is the US patent where I think the system is based from http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5567902.html Bye
  5. midi wireless system

    Look at this one too: http://www.linxtechnologies.com/ldocs/modules/m_es.shtml In the application note there is "MIDI data link" ..... Maybe it's MY device! :)
  6. midi wireless system

    i found this devices: http://www.linxtechnologies.com/ldocs/modules/m_hpii.shtml What do you think about this? Could I use a tx an a rx without error correction system or encoder/decoder (pratically to connect midi out of a keyboard, trough optocouper and some resistor to a tx and a rx to a Midi input of an expander) to build what I want? bye
  7. midi wireless system

    Oh, I need a standalone device to connect a master key and a expander...
  8. midi wireless system

    I know it's a not very easy "argoument" the "send midi data on air", but I found some informations that could return good. For example, using a ibdrid RTX and a Manchester decoder you can to build a digital data modem, I found an ibrid SMD RTX, a Manchester decoder scheme, but, after to initiate to build the device, I'd like to know if somone can tell other information. I can send all things I have got  (schemes and links) about my proget by mail. bye
  9. midi wireless system

    Hi, I'm looking for build a midi wireless system, but I can't found resources on the web. Somone can help me? thanks, emanuele.