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  1. hackintosh

    hello there not been here for ages as usual its totally changed well not changed but evolved and moved on lots since last visit , as you would expect anyway im going to get my all in one midibox 64 computer set up running again to which end im thinking of upgrading the motherboard, cpu (dead motherboard at the moment) id like to run one of the intel i3,i5,i7 lo power versions, im wondering if anybody has experience of these and could recommend i micro atx motherbuard chip combination that would be compatable with running as a hackintosh regards kris
  2. peculiar problem

    thanks for that regards kris
  3. hello there everybody has to start some where have you got a soldering iron can you solder?? i would suggest this is the real starting point regards kris ps sorry if your a bit more advanced than this
  4. peculiar problem

    thanks for the reply thats stopped it okay does that mean its just aproblem with midi ox, as ive never had this problem before regards kris
  5. hello there i have a most peculiar problem that really has me confused, i completed my all in one midi-box and after the usual trouble shooting etc all seemed to be fine. The other day i even got it interacting the way i wanted with reason and abelton,after being in heaven and playing with it for about 4-5hrs it started producing random midi signals so i thought it was something to do with ain interconnections again, after in inspecting the wiring i couldnt see anything wrong. so i thought to re-install the midi-box app this i did with mios studio2 when using this after installation there where no random midi signals (problem solved i thought)but when i go back into midi-ox at first there are no random signals but as soo as you touch a pot this signal just repeats continually (which ever pot you touch is the one that repeats continually)this is just in midi-ox and not mios studio it also works fine in reason and abelton obviously i could just use it as is but its a bit worrying any ideas to what is is would be gratefully received regards kris ps i tried reinstalling midi-ox
  6. my midibox all in one mk2

    thanks for the clarification im dyslexic so it can be difficult for me to get information from written material sometimes regards kris
  7. my midibox all in one mk2

    hey thanks for the response, ive read this folder and i dont understand (id be the first to admit im a bit slow sometimes)do you mean use the midi learn function??? as reason doesnt have any midi out!!! regards kris
  8. my midibox all in one mk2

    hello there the problem im having is when i assign say the first slider to an audio track in live its okay, but all of those 8 sliders on the midi box are then assigned to that one slider in live. (i hope ive made that clear) i know i can alter this by altering the midibox64 app or is it the sysex values i dont know how as i havent had to do it before so a link to the imformation i need to read would be amazing regards kris
  9. hello there here are some pictures of my midibox all in one remake, i first made this a few years ago but ive recentlty finshed a new mixer layout for it at the same time i upgraded the computer components and put a 17inch touch screen into it. ive changed the software that i use and am currently trying to get it to work with ableton live and reason5 rewired i am having problems with this so any advice would be gratefully received regards kris
  10. any ideas please

    fortunately janis i didnt have to as this was suggested for the problem of the second board not working which was fixed with ssp's suggestion thanks tho still not found the solution for the one button not working, now the only thing i can think of is different dinx4 board but i dont have one to hand. so i think i just make it one of the outof the way buttons that doesnt work and live with it regards kris
  11. any ideas please

    youd think so but ive checked the connectivity quite a number of times now, including running a different wire from the button to the board no change in the situation. The only thing i can think of now is if one of the resistors is faulty ( could this produce this fault??) unfortunately i dont have a replacement to try at the moment as usual any ideas of where to go from here appreciated regards kris
  12. any ideas please

    thanks for the idea unfortunately ive already replaced the button with one i tested with no change to the situation regards kris
  13. any ideas please

    thanks very much ssp thats exactly what i had done so now thats done yippee, but i have one button that is not working. ive tested the connection to the din board okay ive checked the ground connection okay ive replaced with another button no difference i swapped two chips around on the board no difference again any ideas appreciated regards kris
  14. hello there ive managed to cure the random signals on my new midi-box64 but now ive got a problem with some of the din inputs. half are working and half are not, the 4 chips on the first board work and the 4 chips on the second board dont. ive swapped chips from one board to the other all the chips work. ive checked connections and wires from buttons to board all okay ive checked connection from first din to the second din board, its okay ive checked theres a voltage to the second board 4.99v now ive run out of ideas so any creative input would be appreciated regards kris
  15. random midi signals

    thanks for that faulty pot replaced, the end of random signals but now ive found not all the buttons are working i think its in banks of eight so im thinking maybe the 74hc165's im going back to check all the connections and wiring and then maybe ill swap the chips around, but that will have to wait until later so ill get back to you on that thanks very much for all the help happy solstice kris whoops spoke to soon just turned it back on and the random signals are back again oh well it will have to wait until later