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  1. LTC module on a PARALLEL port?

    thanks sepoman, I'll keep an eye out for some! best regards, Alex
  2. Hi, I know that The baudrates For LTC and MIDI ports arent the same, but we change the baudrate in the software. I was wondering if  it would work to "MIX the ports" (see collage of thorsten's chematics) and simply buffer and send the midi signals twice, alternating the baudrates... I'll try it out on this rainy afternoon... ;D Cheers
  3. Hi folks! These days, it seems that Serial ports Are phasing out on laptops, or maybe I'm just a lucky winner without a serial port on mine  ;D I need to get an extra midi port on the damn thing. Any ideas for an LTC -->LPT mod ? I saw that Midiman Used to sell parallel port midi interfaces. Does anyone know where schematics/drivers for such design might be? Thanks in advance for any advice, Alex
  4. Hello there! I'm really itching to make an extra midi interface for my pc and am looking forward to the USB PIC Module. Any news on it's progress? thanks! Alex
  5. How to make LEDS fade??

    Spot on, TGP! Thanks! I'll get busy on it  ;D
  6. How to make LEDS fade??

    HI! I really love the way the power led indicator fades out as the voltage drops when I switch of my midibox. Therefore, I was wondering If there was a simple way of putting the equivalent of an Enveloppe (ATTACK, RELEASE) to the power of the dout pins, so that they can gradually fade on or off, like the cool apple on the back of mac laptops , Any ideas? cheers
  7. Hello, This question is rather "extra-mios", and I appologize in advance, but I have a problem... I have a compiled PIC16F877 hex file that I want to run on PIC18F452. Is there an easy way of running this on these "easier to find in shops" chips? I have tried using a disassembler but I end up with a mplab cant recompile... Any suggestions, Many thanks in advance, Alex
  8. Hello there! I'm planning on "midifiing" an old electric guitar I have kicking around. the triggering of notes is more or less sorted in my head (optical gates using timed finger blocking for velocity) But I'm not quite decided on the fretboard. My initial idea is the DIN the frets and ground the strings at the approprate moment (the rest of the work can be left to the software) ... But the big plan would be to remove the strings and have some sort of proximity detection on one end of the neck. Obviously, this would be a lot more fun to use, as I could scale the fret distances as I like via software, thus making an instruments to itself Any ideas as to working this out? Maybe IR ? Any solutions to getting my finger position along the neck "READ" would be very handy many thanks in advance, -Alex
  9. Thanks TL! It works fine!! best regards, Alex
  10. Hello midiboxers! I am really getting envolved in midiboxing and having enjoyed all the physical hardware developement side of it, I'm having some fun with Coding. What I am triying to do here is to Light a red led when an encoder approaches its maximum absolute value (above 100). I am using enc_example2_v1_3  as a skelletton for my little project. I noticed that Just before sending the encoder value (third midi byte), MIOS moves it from TMP1 to W I assumed I could insert my code here and compare W with the WARNING_LEVEL... Here's what I'm wrote: ;; send the third MIDI byte movf TMP1, W ; value from 0x00 to 0x7f movlw 0x64 ; ABOVE THIS VALUE,LIGHT WARNING LED movwf WARNING_LEVEL movf TMP1, W ; value from 0x00 to 0x7f CPFSGT WARNING_LEVEL; COMPARE ENCODER VALUE WITH WARNING_LEVEL movlw 0x14 CALL MIOS_DOUT_PinSet1; LIGHT WARNING LED Call MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut At the moment, PINSET1 is being called every time I move the encoder. Can I make CPFSGT skip two lines? Better still, can I use something like: IF w>100 then movlw 0x14 CALL MIOS_DOUT_PinSet1 end if Thanks for any suggestions! Best regards, Alex
  11. Hi! thanks for the info, Another lesson learnt  ;) Best regards, Alex
  12. Hi there! I don't know much about electronics so this question might seem very silly but here it goes, I have wired 16 leds to a Breadboarded DOUT module, without the resistors, because the leds work happily on 5v They are ultra violet and i'm worried I damage my eyes (really bright little things!!) I'm not looking forward to taking it all appart and starting over with the resistors, so... CAN I PUT THE RESISTOR BETWEEN GROUND PIN OF MODULE AND COMMON GROUND OF LEDS? I tried on a single led and it dimmed ok, will this cause any damage to my ics? thanks in advance, Alex
  13. Polyphonic Touchsensors ?

    HI! ok, thanks for the info! I guess i'll stick a JACK up my nose from now on  ;D The board looks purple because I took the foto with my mobile phone...  ;) Have fun! Alex
  14. Polyphonic Touchsensors ?

    Salut mec! When i saw your cool Camambert board it struck me: THE ULTIMATE REASON REX TRAVELLER!  ;D this circular trigger pad is going to revolutionize my musik making too, i'll use it to trigger REX slices in any way or order i want. I etched a quick board to play with, but I have the very same problems as you describe: Notes seem monophonic and are quite noisy too. how did you fix it in the end? thanks in advance, Alex
  15. Thorsten, Thanks for the advice! using the sid player, I am really beginning to get somewhere! here is a recording of THE LAST NINJA: www.gavinaldred.com/poorsid.mp3 It's another one of those most frustrating moments where things start to take shape in the middle of the night! the audio line is still wired directly to the SID out pin because I get nothing from the proper pins I'll wrorry about that once i know it's the last step to eternal satisfaction  8) Does it sound to you like something is still wrong? I do have last version of MIOS and have checked checked the 1K pullup and the hardware update, though got myself a bit confused, so here is my core<->sid  hardware config(hope it makes sense): SID        CORE SC ------MD (PIN 28) RC ------RC SO ------SO MU ------MU I just won the bid for a working C64 including PSU, so I'll keep it in mind as a second chance... It's so frustrating not to know what to think of the sound it's currently producing!! Hope the new MP3 rings a bell to someone! I'm off to bed for now because I'm starting to hear my noisy laptop's ventilator play sid leads   :P Best regards, Alex