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  1. anyone have edrum schematics?

    I found one - Google Cache! thanks though
  2. anyone have edrum schematics?

    looks like the site is down for some reason, and I am almost done with the thing, just need the analog board schems so I can hook up the inputs and pots! always my luck - the day I choose to do a project is the one day the site is down  :(
  3. SID with grounding issues

    yeah, the AC line was totally shorting with the chassis. My plastic inlet does not match the inner diameter of my supply - but I will order one that does this week, and call this SID done! thanks smash - as usual, an outside opinion is the best thing for pointing out the obvious.  :)
  4. SID with grounding issues

    oh. Yeah. That. I will check into that tomorrow if I get a chance. I have a plastic power inlet - I sould switch to that looking at the current one, yeah - I think one side of the AC line is connected to the chassis - that would explain the mysterious 7V too - I will also check it for AC voltage. I kinda scrapped this whole thing together with stuff I just had left over from other projects, I did not even think about the metal power inlet. I will post my findings soon!
  5. SID with grounding issues

    ok, I did the mod and it made some differene, but I am still getting 7VDC from the SID ground to the chassis. I think I am just going to have to live with it. my encoder has no electronic connection with the chassis, and midi is optoisolated so I should not have any problems as long as an audio cable coming out of the SID does not short against the chassis. Its a weird problem, but everything works properly so I am just gonna roll with it for the time being.
  6. SID with grounding issues

    9VAC, after its rectified and regulated puts out 12VDC no problem. But now I am left with a 12VAC transformer, so that is out. that schematic looks really useful - I will send the AC to the Core only, then use a a regulator to bypass the bridge on the SID module - that might be whats causing this problem. yeah, right now the only metal on metal contact is the encoder body, but I am not even sure if its grounded to anything in circuit my AC inlet is also metal, but the wall wart itself is isloated from ground. I will change around the supply and see if I can't fix this issue - thanks guys!
  7. SID with grounding issues

    when I grounded the audio out to the chassis it made the wallwart burn out - so thats out. I am thinking of lifting the ground to the audio and moving it to the chassis. like I said, I measureed 7V from the SID ground to the case ground - its just putting too much strain on the power supply.
  8. SID with grounding issues

    I just put together another sid, and I am not quite sure how to get it grounded properly. Right now I am powering it off of a 9VAC wall wart, and I notice that from the audio ground to the chassis there is  7VDC, and some serious hum. Nothing is grounded to the chassis yet, except the midi jack cause I am using plastic standoffs and plastic audio input jacks. I suppose I could sheild the midi input somehow, or switch to a plastic jack - but I would like to see it done properly. here is a pic of the guts: where should I begin?
  9. Ucando Rocks

    don't you find their chep animation hilarious? I used the Ucando TV repair tapes when I first started out with TV repair - they are informative, but that animation makes them really hard to take seriously.
  10. home made SID

    make sure to test them all out thoroughly - I am sure you will have at least a few fully working SIDs though - nice score!
  11. faulty SIDs

    I bought 6 C64's out of 5 SIDs, 2 of mine were beat - one has a bad lowpass filter, the other was just plain messed up: unresponsive. One C64 I bought had something completely different than a SID in the SID socket, so that one was out. Hey, we are salvaging from old devices - 50% is not that bad!
  12. (almost) complete sid

    those Radio Shack enclosures actually are not that bad, I have used them before. Plus, its instant gratification if they have one in stock. I am considering stuffing my SID into one too until I can afford a nicer enclosure.
  13. MIDIbox NES?

    well, the midines does not really need patch storage - there are no filters, no LFO's... its very very basic synthesis - what do you need to save? Its all right there - the only thing worth saving are the volume modulations and pitch stuff, but even that is not really worth it. I think the midines is a great toy to play with - its great to get as much music to pump out of the NES as possible - but its not exactly as inspiring as the SID, because its basically 2 square oscs, 1 tri osc, some noise, and a few 8 bit samples that the dude stuffed in there as a bonus. The absence of filters and LFO's make it impossible to lose that "NES" sound - which is something that I like about my midines. Listen to one of the songs I made on it, and there is no doubt that its a NES!
  14. Has anyone added a balanced audio output??

    ok, maybe balanced TRS - but certainly not balanced XLR some of the old Moog synths had XLR outs, and I also recall seeing some modern "workstation" type synths with XLR - but generally, synths are not operating at mic levels and impedances - 1/4" is usually the standard. 1/4" balanced is a luxury  ;)
  15. Has anyone added a balanced audio output??

    really, there is no reason to add a balanced output at all other than to interface with already balanced gear. Most modern gear will handle a non-balanced signal though, so there is not a huge demand for an XLR output. I think every synth I own has 1/4" unbalanced outputs - having one with an XLR balanced output would actually be an inconvenience  ;)