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  1. Rubber button group buy?

    You mentioned visual feedback... I have yet to build a midibox but i'll be ordering some stuff from smashtv later on.  Are you going to be using midiio128 or something else?  I'm just not sure exactly how we'll get the visual feedback from the program to work properly :-/
  2. Rubber button group buy?

    I happen to really like the feeling of rubber pad buttons.  I think the other upshot to this is that you can place leds behind the buttons as indicators to what it is doing and color codes to show what channel it is modifying.
  3. Rubber button group buy?

    Yo, audiocommand, do you have aim or msn?  if so can you hit me up with your screenname in a PM? Thanks!
  4. Rubber button group buy?

    i've been thinking about the pcbs... "What if, and belive me, this is sooo hypothetical" (office space) I (or someone) created a pcb design for the buttons using all SMD components? The backside would have all the DIN and DOUT modules on it and the frontside would have the button contacts as well as places for smd leds. This would be a fairly cheap board since it could be made with no holes what so ever... The boards could either be 8x8 or 4x4
  5. Rubber button group buy?

    Yo!  I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a group buy of the spark fun 4x4 button pads. I'm sure everyone has been lusting after these for their latest midi contraptions as I have been too. Any takers?  I don't know if I really want to be the one organizing this, someone else is more than welcome to take charge.
  6. Piezo elements possible?

    Yo! I've put my monome clone on the backburner for quite some time but i've decided to revive the project as my microkontrol has kicked the bucket and needs repair... however, I am interested in using piezos in my HUI so i can have 8 large (4" by 4") drum pads on the bottom, all connected to piezos.  The problem is i don't know what, if any, of the modules support this.  I have yet to see any one do this. It appears that the microkontrol gets its velocity sensetivity from piezos...
  7. diy replicate possible?

    i know what the monome does. I actually know a good bit about midi fwiw. I am waiting for their midi mapping software because it seems like it will make mapping things in certain software much easier and it will give me the led feedback.
  8. Clear buttons?

    something about a rubber membrane being used on a tactile microswitch just doesn't seem would have an odd feeling to it... at first i was more interested in some buttons for tactile switches but these look awfully nice... sadly i dont have the cash to get any at the moment...
  9. diy replicate possible?

    go right ahead and bid on it, i'm still thinking about exactly what i want to do... and the monome isn't a synth, its just a midi controller.  i'm waiting until they release the software for it (supposedly open source) so i can see if it can be modified for the midibox, if not i think i'll be building the midibox seq...
  10. Clear buttons?

    Hello!  In my journey to complete my 64 button midibox controller i am currently stuck... I ordered 200 tactile pushbuttons from ebay which have the right hardware for standard button caps. I really want to use clear button caps for these so i can illuminate them using a Dout module and some spiffy blue or UV leds. but I have searched high and low for clear caps that will fit on these to no avail... I thought about making my own but that seems like way too much work.  i'd like for them to be largish, 3/4 of an inch would be fantastic but i can totally live with 1/2 inch if thats all that is available... Thanks!
  11. diy replicate possible?

    would you be willing to elaborate? What i'm trying to do is make my setup as one man electronica friendly as possible...
  12. diy replicate possible?

    i'd like to add some faders to my box as well... i've searched but i couldn't find how many ohms they need to be... sry for the n00b question
  13. diy replicate possible?

    oh believe me, i have scoured this site thoroughly many a time in search of spiffy projects  ;D So, leds are possible without any recompiling or crap like that? and i'd just need a core module pcb, 2 dout, and 2 din boards?
  14. diy replicate possible?

    just so we're clear...does midios have to be recompiled for each individual application or are there any kind of precompiled kernels i could use to make an 8 by 8 (or more) button box? The flashing leds aren't my largest concern, if it doesn't have them its okay...
  15. diy replicate possible? This is what i've been looking for!!! But the price (when i could find it...) was pretty steep and i just can't afford it  :-[ So i figured i could turn to you guys for advice... Would it be possible to replicate this with midibox?  My friend is interested in one as am i. If possible i'd like to have the leds flashing just like the videos controller show (make sure you watch the wonderful video to see how it works...)