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  1. Stanton konbs

    Hi, late but... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250569107446&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT LX
  2. So, my mistake  ;) SPEED MODE can be set of course  :) But any combination of slow/normal/fast or setting of formula for fast mode doesnt worked accuratly. One step - one menu move I have 30-steps ENC Its pity  :-[ :-[ :-[ LX
  3. Hi, I have problem with seting speed at datawheel (menu) encoder. When I set to ENC_MODE_SPEED_SLOW in mb64e_presets the datawheel is in NORMAL mode still. But others Enc respond my setting NORMA/SLOW/FAST. So when I scroll in menu I have at one detend of datawheel 2 moves in menu. LX
  4. So, problem solved. I have made "Starlike ground wiring" for fader, but without success. Than I try cut connection between GND of MF pot and GND of MF chassis. And that's problem. I have conductive front panel and GND of MF pot was join over the frontpanel. LX
  5. Hi, thank you for quick reply. I have "Starlike ground wiring" for cores from one point PSU, MF wires starlike too from MF module, but fader ground I have connect from core module (no starlike) I try to repair fader wiring. Thanks a lot B.R. LX
  6. Hello, I have problem with jittering pot values from motorfader core. I have switching power supply unit with 5A at +5V and 2A at +12V. I have 1000uF cap directly connected to the +5V input at MF core. When I testing this motorfader core alone,  everything work OK. But when I conect another 3 cores in MB link to same +5V of my power supply jittering pot values starts. I try conect next 1000uF caps to every +5V imput of my cores with bether result but still sometimes MF core send pot mesage without move fader. Thank you for same hint LX
  7. The making of LX's MidiBox

    few news at http://lx.vanuatuss.org/index.php?pg=news&lang=en LX
  8. Ableton Live controler/audio mixer

    So When I try to set accordig to formula I get bad feature of ENC. I don't remember how I set if at SLOW mode or at FAST mode, but some testing of changing values I get What I want. I remember that types FAST and SLOW I had after uploading code to core uncannily exchanged.  ??? but working  ;)
  9. Ableton Live controler/audio mixer

    Try some combination of dividers at this  definition part of main.asm ;; see the documentation of MIOS_ENC_SpeedSet for the purpose of these values #define DEFAULT_ENC_SPEED_NORMAL_MODE  MIOS_ENC_SPEED_NORMAL #define DEFAULT_ENC_SPEED_NORMAL_DIV 0 #define DEFAULT_ENC_SPEED_SLOW_MODE    MIOS_ENC_SPEED_SLOW #define DEFAULT_ENC_SPEED_SLOW_DIV 6 ; (6: increment on every 7th step) #define DEFAULT_ENC_SPEED_FAST_MODE    MIOS_ENC_SPEED_FAST #define DEFAULT_ENC_SPEED_FAST_DIV 2 ; (2: divider = 2^(7-2) = 32) I solved this problem when I want get one detent for one move at the LCD menu select encoder with 24 steps B.R. LX
  10. Ableton Live controler/audio mixer

    Hi Sasa I have conected 30 steps mechanical encodes to MB64E and all is good. Speed or number of steps of encoders is no problem. I think that your problem is setting of program. In your video I saw blink only 2 LEDs and it looks that you have at pin of your enc assigned standard button function. Watch your mios_tables.inc if you have at MIOS_ENC_PIN_TABLE set this row: ENC_ENTRY 5, 0, MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED ; (5 is the SR5 and 0 is assingned pins(0-1) of SR) position of this row in the ENC list is the nuber of ENC (when the row is first then ENC1) Look to main.asm too if you have set good LEDrings assigment. In your cause I think that : LEDRINGS_SR_ENC1_16_CATHODES_1  5 LEDRINGS_SR_ENC1_16_CATHODES_2  6 LEDRINGS_SR_ENC1_16_ANODES_1  7 LEDRINGS_SR_ENC1_16_ANODES_2  8 and on the bigin of main.asm - Number of connected encoders must not 0 So this is all what I remember, try to check this sets and if you good know this setting sorry for this reply  ;) B.R. LX
  11. Ableton Live controler/audio mixer

    Hallo Sasha I use MB64E program too, and I'm quite asembler ready programer  ;) If you tell me exactly what is your configuration of hartware of optical ENC I can maybe sovle your problem. What is your output from optical ENC? like tipical ENC? 2xDIN?
  12. These are valuable information for me. Thanx a lot! Which size of heatshink? about 2-4 cm2 ?
  13. Tkanks! that is what I need hear :)
  14. Yes I think that switching power supply is ok for my (only midi  :) ) controller. But I need remove some parts from TKs FM module and I dont know which?  :-\