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  1. Evolution UC-33

    Guys, I think what Dazzy was looking at is the fact that the UC-33 is currently the best option for controlling ableton live on the market. HAving said that, it still doesn't come close to having everything that you would need to control live. THere is about to be a massive degree of demand for a controller that can control Live, and the midibox is actually the best option. Personally i would love to build one, but i am still planning it carefully. Smash TV, i have sent you a mail throug hyour site regarding ordering components but have not had a reply yet, if you have not received it, please advise and will post in here. There are actually bits missing from the uc 33. one major point is kill switches, these need to illuminate in the on position, as you cannot see all your channel eq's in live. A second point would be a pitch wheel, as seen in bcbox HUI, or some other midi input to  'nudge' (repitch) on the fly. Daz, you're obviously using Live, so if you or anoyone else have any other control ideas for a LIVE hui, please let me know as i am in planning stage, and this is where we help each other out. should anyone wish to see what i have designed so far as what the panel should look like, let me know and i'll post it. regards Dizzy
  2. The making of a Midibox64

    Hi Bc. That is one mean controller. Like yourself i have realised that i am not going to find the controller i really wish for for ableton live. I've searched and searched and there's just always something missing. I have now decided to build one myself, irrespective of how long it takes me and how much it costs. I watched Sasha close up (very close up, i was in the box most of his set) using maven last week and was soooooooooooo unimpressed at how he's using it. no loops, hardly any fx, just simple blending tracks. the pitch function you have in there is excellent and one of the main things i've been looking for. can you actually get it to work pitching correctly like a cdj type digital pitch? if so, what's the smallest increment you got it to go down to? Also, your post here is pretty damn good to follow, and i guess i'll be using it to build mine, my only problem is i am completely new to electronics (i'm a web man myself) but i'm willing to give it a go. I have a favour to ask. If i send you a screenshot of what the final design is going to look like, can you help me by telling me what parts and bits i need, coz there's a hell of a lot going on in here to get to grips with.You seem to know what you're doing when it comes to ableton live controllers. Hope you can help, oh and where can we hear what your mixes sound like using this controller . (the proof of the pudding they say.....) Dizzy